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Close this folder.Close this folder.Room 7
Construct a Word
PBS Kids games
Bitesize Games
tumblebooks sd69/books
Curious George Games
Close this folder.Close this folder.Art
Paint Pad
Photo Op
Animation Studio
Collage Machine
Create a Bug
Create your own Matisse Paintings
Create your own Road Signs
Doodle Pad
Japanese Painting
Jungle Art
Make your own comics
Mask Puppets
Mr. Picassohead
Paint Box
Sculpture Machine
Switcheroo Zoo
Close this folder.Close this folder.Games
Lego Atlantis
Colour Columns
Ball Balance
Habitat Game
Mush Mush- Dog Sled Game
Rocket Board
Dinosaur Dig
Jigsaw Planet
Dino Soars
Trivia Archer
Bubble Ball
Colour Columns
I Spy
PBS Kids
Fun School Jr
Arthur Games
Cyberchase Games
Discovery Kids
Egyptian Memory
Games from New York Public Library
Learning is Fun games
PBS Kids
Professor Garfield
Puzzle Maker
Visual Memory
Close this folder.Close this folder.Kindergarten
Close this folder.Close this folder.David's Games
KOL Games
Sesame Street
Count with Lecky
Colour Labelling
Number Labelling
Dressing Lecky
Lecky's Friend
Colour Train
Colour Sequence
Early Online Jigsaw Puzzles
Simon Says Games
4 Piece Tangram
Oodles of Matching Games
Balls and Boxes
Memory 5
Early Numeracy Activities
Big Idea Fun
KidSites - games for younger children
Close this folder.Close this folder.Literacy
Bitesize Games
Earrobics Games
Free Rice
Raz Kids Login
Arthur Stories Online
Tumblebooks sd69/books
Create a Wordle
Action Alphabet
Alphabet Whack-A-Mole
Fowl Play-no to Power Play
Giggle Poetry
Junie B. Jones
Mad Libs Junior
Magic Tree House
Robert Munsch -reads to you
Story Online- Famous people read to you
Word Games
Close this folder.Close this folder.Math
Fuel the Brain Games
Action Fraction
Cyberchase Math Games
Add like Mad
Early Numeracy Activities
Grade 1 Numeracy activities
Add it Up
Cyber Challenge
Double Digit
Math Baseball
Math Man
Math Playground
Math Playground Games
Math Quiz
Math Test
Meteor Multiplication
Multiplication Car Wash
Multiplication Eater
Multiplication Monster
Multiplication Super Stars
Number Invaders
Oodles of Multiplication Games
Pattern Blocks
Secret Numbers
Snork's Long Division Game
That's a Fact
Virtual Manipulatives- all grades
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs.Steel
Tar Heel Reader
Close this folder.Close this folder.Read Write Think tools
Comic Creator
Compare and Contrast Tool
Essay map
Venn Diagram
Doodle Splash
Story Map
Wikipedia Simple
Close this folder.Close this folder.Music
Noteflight- eeskids/ees123
Musical Sketch Pad
Recorder Karate Practice online
Piggy's music game
music match 'em up
Music Pizza
Musical Museum of Songs
NY PhilKids
SFS Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.On-line Clips
Moving Image Archive
Open Video Project
Close this folder.Close this folder.Power Point Resources
Alphabet Clip Art
Alphabet Gallery
Animal Images
Classroom Clip Art
Clip Art
Clip Art for Educators
Clip Art Gallery
Discovery Clip Art
DK Clip Art
KidsPage Clip Art
Music you can use for free
Pictures for Learning
Pictures you can use for free
School Clip Art
Wise Gorilla
Close this folder.Close this folder.Science
Electricity and Circuits
National Geographic Kids
Live Eagle Cam
Canadian Animals
Kids Health
The Human Body
The Yuckiest Site
Cargo Bridge
Grizzley Bear Cam
How Things Work
NASA for Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Search Engines
Wikipedia Simple
Ask Jeeves for kids
Fact Monster
Kid Friendly Search Engines
Kids Click
Yahoo for Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Social Studies
Pioneer Discovery
Close this folder.Close this folder.Teachers
Outlook help pages
Internation Reading Association site
Close this folder.Close this folder.Typing Fun
Trash Typer
Alphabet Rain
Aunt Lee's Typing Games
Bubbles Typing Game
Dance Mat Typing
Pac man Typing
Peter's On Line Typing Practice
Spider Typer
Typing with a Button
Word Island
Close this folder.Close this folder.udl
Close this folder.Close this folder.Kidspiration
How to get Kidspiration activities from the Internet
How to use pictures from somewhere else (internet, or y...
How to Use the Activity Wizard to create projects for y...
Kidspiration Information
kidspiration intro video
links for classroom ideas
more classroom projects
Quick Start Tutorial
Winter Themed Kidspiration activities
Close this folder.Close this folder.Kurzweil
Kurzweil resources - district 71
online training
Close this folder.Close this folder.links for e-books
International Children's Digital Library
New York Public Library online
on-line search engine for novels
online nursery rhyme books
Public Domain e-books
We Read online
Close this folder.Close this folder.SET-BC
Clicker 5 tutorials
Balanced Literacy Tutorials (primary)
Boardmaker tutorials
Ideas for autistic kids
SET-BC homepage
Simon Sounds It Out (early phonics)
6 Traits
achieving with it
Centre for Applied Special Technology
Create graphic organizers using Word
Free Resources on the Web
Learning Through Listening samples
Literactive online resources
Model lesson plans-CAST
Read Write
Ways to Adjust Instruction for your kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Writing
Read Write Think
Newspaper Template
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Nicholson
Animal Report
Close this folder.Close this folder.Humpback Whale
BC Adventure
National Geographic Kids
Kid Wikipedia
Animal Discovery
Animal Planet
Enchanted Learning Humpback Specific
Enchanted Learning
World Wide Whale
National Geographic
Close this folder.Close this folder.Vancouver Island Marmot
BC Adventure
Kid Wikipedia
Close this folder.Close this folder.Black Bear
BC Adventure
Kid Wikipedia
mammal guide
Baby Black Bear
Animal Planet
National Geographic
Close this folder.Close this folder.Bald Eagle
BC Adventure
National Geographic Kids
Kid Wikipedia
Baby Animal Guide
Wild Bird Guide
Animal Planet
National Geographic Kids
National Geographic
Close this folder.Close this folder.Rosevelt Elk
BC Adventure
North Island Explorer
National Geographic
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mr. Halliday
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Graff
Mrs. Graff Class Moodle Page
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fall Fun
Lightning Librarian
I Spy Games
Colour the Doodle Bug
Slide Puzzle
Time for School Maze
School Sudoku
Back to School Match
Word Search
Jigsaw puzzle
Fall colouring
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Saremba's Class
My Letters-Oodles of choices
Digby Mole Letter Sounds
Kangaroo Confusion
Sassy Sounds
Alphabet Bears
Alphabet Action
Close this folder.Close this folder.Christmas Fun
Elves Game Chest
Snowman Skiing
Make a Flake
Build a Snowman 2
Build a Snowman
Play Checkers with Santa
Santa's Crosswords
Dress the Elves
Claus Village
Get Scrooge
10 Little Snowmen
Decorate a Tree
Christmas Sliders
Disco Dancing Santa
North Pole Website
Concentration Games
Holiday Colouring
Build a Gingerbread Man
Build Your Own Gingerbread House
Christmas Bounce
Gift Grab
Christmas Tree Game
Dress the Reindeer
Close this folder.Close this folder.Let it Snow!
Snowball Fight
Snowboarder XS
Snowman Skiing
Snowball Toss
Snow Family I Spy
Polar Jump
Penguin Push
Penguin Families
Penga Pop
Make a Flake
Ice Slide
Build a Snowman
Online Stopwatch
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ms. Norris
Privacy Playground
CyberSense and Nonsense
Bad Guys Patrol
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