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Close this folder.Close this folder.5th Grade
Close this folder.Close this folder.Language Arts
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.4 - Read using context to clarify, root wrods, prefix...
Context is the Key
Cows context clue
Fifth Grade Reading
Homophone Challenge
Multiple Meanings
Putting Down Roots
Reading Exercises
Reading for a Purpose
Reading Strategy Checklist
Rooting Out Words
The Thesaurus
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.5 - Fiction_relate to previous, Character Devlop, Plo...
Alliteration or Simile
Author's Point of View
Author's Purpose
Characters, plot and setting
Describe and identify literary elements
Genre Characteristics
Point of View Quiz
Select List of Literary Genres
Understanding setting, plot and theme
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.6 - Nonfiction_text organizers, structure, locate inf...
A mix of factual information and the opinions of the au...
Compare and Contrast
Different Text Types
Different Types of Text
Drawing Conclusions
News Quiz Archive
Prediction Form
Stated Information
Supporting Details
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.8 - Write for variety of purposes, plan, organize, us...
Graphic Organizers
Introduction to the purpose of writing
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.9 - Edit for grammar, capitalization, spelling, punct...
A Bed Full of Cats
A sample of a good 239-word sentence
Analogy Challenge
Antonyms_Parts of SPeech Powerpoint
Avoiding Comma Splices
Compound Word Characters
Confusing Verbs - Lay _ Lie
Its_It's and There_Their_They're
Let's see whether you understand subject-verb agreement
Power Proofreading
Proofreading Makes Perfect
Sentence Speedway
To _ Two _ Too
CyberGuides 4-5
Close this folder.Close this folder.Math
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.1 - Know place values of decimals through thousandths...
Compare It!
Decimal Order
Place Value
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.10 - Know difference between perimeter, area, volume ...
Area and Perimeter
How Many Pearls
Measure it
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.12 - Determine elapsed time within 24 hours
Elapsed Time
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.13 - Measure and draw right, acute and obtuse angles ...
Online Angle Lesson
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.14 - Classify angles and triangles as right, acute or...
Online Angle Lesson
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.17 - Solve problems using probablity with tree diagra...
What are Your Chances
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.18 - Collect, organize, and display data using graphs...
Hand Squeeze
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.19 - Find the mean, median, mode, and range of a set ...
Jupiter Is Average
Mode, Mean, Median
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.2 - Recognize common fractions in decimal form and be...
Decimal Order
Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.20 - Analyze structure of numerical or geometric patt...
Crack the Code
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.21 - Describe concept of variable; Use varible expres...
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Word problems
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.22 - Create a problem situation based on a given open...
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Word problems
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.3 - Create and solve probelms using add_sub and multi...
Arithmetic Four
Math Mastery
Minute Math
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.4 - Calculate the sum, difference, and product of two...
Decimal Squares Interactive Games
Draggable Decimals
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.5 - Find quotient and remainder of 4 digit number div...
Mad Math Minutes
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.6 - Find quotient for decimal divided by single digit...
Draggable Decimals
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.7 - Add and Sub mixed numbers and report in simplest ...
Ice Cream Shop
Rename Fractions in Lowest Terms
Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop
Visual Fractions
Word problems
K-12 Powerpoints Math
Math Review
Million Dollar Mission
Percents and Wholes
Close this folder.Close this folder.Science
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.2 - Sound_ frequency, waves, wavelength, vibration; t...
BBC - KS2 Revisewise - Science_ Physical processes
Catch the Waves
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.3 - Visible Light_ Spectrum and light waves; Refracti...
BBC - KS2 Revisewise - Science_ Physical Processes
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Experiment with mirrors
Light Absorption, Reflection, and Transmission
What is Light_
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.4 - Matter_ Atoms, molecules, elements, compounds; Mi...
Abundances of the elements in the Earth's crust
BBC - KS2 Revisewise - Science_ Materials
Chemical Make-up of the Earth's Crust
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.5 - Cells_ Structure and Function, Kingdoms of living...
Animal & Plant Cells
Lab Manual Exercise # 1a
plant and animal cells
The Mixed-Up Cells
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.6 - Oceans_ Geology, Physical characteristics, ecosys...
Contrasts in Blue
EPA > OWOW > OCPD > Turning the Tide on Trash
Layers of the Ocean
National Marine Sanctuaries_ For Students
NOAA Ocean Explorer
Ocean Layers
Physical Features of the Ocean
The Living Sea
Treasures of the Sea
Under the Sea a Unit on Marine Biology
Close this folder.Close this folder.5.7 - Geology_ Rock Cycle and types; Geologic time and ...
Basic Mineral Identification
Breaking News
Fossils - Clues to the Past
Geology of the Grand Canyon
How the Plates Move
Igneous Rock
Match These Fossils With Their Modern Relatives
Metamorphic Rock
Recreating extinct animals from fossil evidence
Sedimentary Rock
Structure of the Earth
The Extinction Files
The Rock Cycle
Volcano World
4th and 5th Grade Science Resources
Bill Nye The Science Guy
K-12 Powerpoints Science
Science resources to use in any classroom
Close this folder.Close this folder.Social Studies
Close this folder.Close this folder.USI.1 - Develop skills for historical and geographical ...
From Colonial Crossing to Kitty Hawk - Students compare...
Close this folder.Close this folder.USI.10 - Demonstrate knowledge of the effects of Recons...
Founding Fathers of the Constitution
New Nation Internet Scavenger Hunt
Close this folder.Close this folder.USI.2 - Use maps, globes, photos, pics, adn tables to l...
GeoNet Game
Infoplease Atlas Online Geography Games
Close this folder.Close this folder.USI.5 - Demonstrate knowledge of the factors that shape...
Jamestown Online Adventure
Monticello_ Day in the Life
Monticello_ Scavenger Hunt
Close this folder.Close this folder.USI.6 - Demonstrate knowledge of the causes and results...
Liberty Kids
Revolutionary War_ Timeline of the Revolution
The Boston Massacre
Close this folder.Close this folder.USI.7 - Demonstrate knowledge of the challenges faced b...
Liberty Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.USI.8 - Demonstrate knowledge of westward expansion and...
The Alamo_ A Photo Gallery
The Alamo_ Maps
The Alamo_ Siege and Battle of the Alamo
The Oregon Trail
Close this folder.Close this folder.USI.9 - Demonstrate knowledge of the causes, major even...
Civil War
Footsteps to Civil War
Nation Divided
Richmond National Battelfield
The National Civil War Association
Underground Railroad
History Globe
K-12 Powerpoints Social Studies
Close this folder.Close this folder.For Teachers and Parents
A concept map
Alliteration Worksheet with
Classroom Reading Key Vocabulary Building Program
Context Clues Teaching Materials and Practice Sheets
Direct Definition Context Clues
Drawing Inferences in Text
Education News (latest news in education periodicals)
Graphic Organizers from Education Place
Graphic Organizers
Instructions on how to use Excel
K-12 Powerpoints Language Arts
Links to help K-12 teachers.
Making Subjects and Verbs Agree_ Exercises
Math Worksheet Generator
Online Tutorials for PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other...
Onomatopoeia Worksheet
Poetic Devices
Reading Strategies
Reading Strategy Checklist
Sentence Variety
Skills Builders (Lang Arts, Math)
Story Stew
Teacher and Classroom Resources
Teaching Students to Make Inferences
The ABC's of Web Site Evaluation
Too, two, and too
Close this folder.Close this folder.For All Teachers GREAT lessons for K-12 all subjects
TALK - Classroom Literacy Guide Activities
Mrs. Renz's Math Web Sites
K-12 Powerpoints Language Arts
K-12 Powerpoints Science
K-12 Powerpoints Math
K-12 Powerpoints Social Studies
Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human per...
Interactive Plagarism Webpage!
Everyday Mathematics K-5 K-8
Virtual Field Trips
Molecular Expressions
Phonics and Word Study K-6
Crossword Puzzle Maker
AskERIC lesson plans
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a teacher's reso... - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8...
Reading Rockets : Reading Comprehension & Language ...
CIESE - Curriculum: K-12 CIESE Online Real Time Data Pr...
CIESE - Curriculum: K-12 CIESE Online Tele-Collaborativ...
CIESE - Curriculum: K-12 CIESE Online Primary Source Cl...
CIESE - Curriculum: K-12 CIESE Partner Projects
CIESE - Curriculum: Educational Links
Clip Art Listing
Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human per...
Teacher Created Resources: Free Weekly Lessons
Online Teacher Tools
Story Arts | Story Arts Online!
The Writing Process
Lesson Plans for Teachers on
Frank Potter's Science Gems
Education World® The Educator's Best Friend
Close this folder.Close this folder.Technology
Bellingham Schools Online Research Investigations
Best Practices of Technology Integration
Nicholson's Lesson Plan Blues
Integrated technology lesson plans
Online Technology Tutorials
Microsoft Office Assistance: Microsoft Office Outlook 2...
Handouts, Hints and Helps
Technology Integration Web Links
Leadership and Learning with Technology: Designing Prof...
Grade Level Skills Help - Index Page
Math - Interactive Sites
Internet4Classrooms - Helping Teachers Use the Internet...
GameGoo - Educational Games - a thousand sites in one !!!®
NCES Students' Classroom
Science resources to use in any classroom
Microsoft Lessons
TrackStar : Home
Software Tutorials - Atomic Learning, Inc.
Templates for Teachers - The Classroom
Microsoft Office Resources
GCF Global Learning®
Untangling The Web
LibraryThing | Catalog your books online
webTeacher (Windows Version)
QuestGarden 1.0
WebQuest Portal
MS Excel Resources
To Excel in the Classroom
Munch and Learn
Interactive Sites for Elementary Students
Grade Level Resources
Using Technology to Teach Balanced Literacy
NETS for Students
Instructional Technology Quicktips - Murray County Scho...
Online Activities on
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