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Close this folder.Close this folder.Art
National Gallery of Art for Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Biographies
Famous Americans
George Washington
Close this folder.Close this folder.Holidays
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Around the World
Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patterns
Pumpkins & More
Close this folder.Close this folder.Language Arts
ABC Order
Clifford Stories
Learn to Read at Starfall
Close this folder.Close this folder.Authors
Author! Author! Children's Book Authors and Illustrator...
Celebrate Children's Authors
Children's Authors & Illustrators on the Web
Index to Children's Book Authors & Illustrators
Write to Your Favorite Author
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fables
Aesop Fables
Close this folder.Close this folder.Poetry
Academy of American Poets
Aha! Poetry
Giggle Poetry
Instant Poetry Forms
Poetry for Children
Poetry Teachers
Scholastic Poetry
Caldecott Award
English Zone
Newbery Award
Close this folder.Close this folder.Idioms
Eye on Idioms
Idioms Guide
100 Things to do With Books
Parts of Speech
Proofreading Makes Perfect
Power Proofreading
Rhyme Zone
Spelling Rules
Stone Soup
Close this folder.Close this folder.Math
Analog Clock
Close this folder.Close this folder.Geometry
What's My Angle? - Protractors
Close this folder.Close this folder.Tessellations
Tessellation Designs
Tessellation Tool
What is a Tessellation?
AAA Math
Cool Math 4 Kids
Fido Puzzle
Math Goodies
Math Hunt
Money Flashcards
Multiplication Mountain
Subtraction Bowling
Virtual Manipulatives
Close this folder.Close this folder.Music
Music Education
Close this folder.Close this folder.Pictures & Photos
Classroom Clipart
Close this folder.Close this folder.Reference & Research
Awesome Library
Big6 For Kids
Central Intelligence Agency
Citation Machine (Creating a Bibliography)
Dib Dab Doo
Fact Monster
Noodle Tools
Old Farmer's Almanac
Rhyme Zone
Search Tools
Yahooligans Reference
Close this folder.Close this folder.Science
Close this folder.Close this folder.Animals
Animal Adaptations
Animal Kingdom - Vertebrates & Invertebrates
Bronx Zoo
Endangered Animals of the World
National Zoo
Virginia Zoo
Close this folder.Close this folder.Butterflies
Beal School's Exploring Butterflies
Butterflies - North American Butterfly Association
Butterflies of North America
Butterfly Links - North American Butterfly Association
Butterfly Links Lots of great butterfly links to the ...
Butterfly School Home Room for Students
Butterfly Zone
Captain's European Butterfly Guide
Monarchs & Migration
The Butterfly Connection at the Field Museum
The Butterfly Conservatory, American Museum of Natural ...
The Butterfly Website Picture Gallery
Zoom Butterflies - Enchanted Learning Software
Close this folder.Close this folder.Cells
Animal and Plant Cells
Animal Cell Structure
Cells Alive
Close this folder.Close this folder.Earthquakes
Close this folder.Close this folder.Electricity
Changing Circuits
Circuits & Conductors
Food Chains and Webs
Close this folder.Close this folder.Force and Motion
Forces in Action
Close this folder.Close this folder.Magnets
Magnets and Springs
Close this folder.Close this folder.Matter
Solids and Liquids
States of Matter
Close this folder.Close this folder.Plants
Flower Parts
Great Plant Escape
Helping Plants Grow
Parts of a Flower
Plants and Our Environment
Close this folder.Close this folder.Rainforests
Rainforest Web
Rainforest Alliance
Rainforest Heroes
Rainforest Conservation
Rainforest Plants & Animals
Close this folder.Close this folder.Rocks & Minerals
If Rocks Could Talk
Rock Cycle
Rock Hounds
Close this folder.Close this folder.Shadows
Close this folder.Close this folder.Simple Machines
Edheads - Simple Machines
Inventors Toolbox (Simple Machines)
Simple Machines
Simple Machines
Simple Machines
Close this folder.Close this folder.Solar System & Space Exploration
Amazing Space
Astronomy for Kids
NASA Headquarters
NASA Human Space Flight
Nine Planets
Phases of the Moon
Star Child - Young Astronomers
Starchild: The Solar System
The Apollo Program
Welcome to the Planets
Close this folder.Close this folder.Volcanoes
Volcano World
Close this folder.Close this folder.Weather
EdHeads Weather
Hurricanes Field Trip
Weather Glossary
Interactive Tornado
NOAA - Local Weather
NOAA National Weather Service
Chesapeake Bay - Save the Bay
Adaptations WebQuest
Creature World - Animal Adaptations
Fantastic Forest Habitats
Savage Earth
Snow Crystals
Close this folder.Close this folder.Social Studies
Close this folder.Close this folder.Atlases/Maps/Geography
Geography Games
World Atlas: Geography and Maps of the World
Close this folder.Close this folder.China
Asian Art
Chinese Accomplishments
Chinese Alphabet
Chinese New Year
Chinese Zodiac
Harvest Moon Festival
Timeline of Chinese History
Great Wall of China
Walk the Great Wall
Close this folder.Close this folder.Economics
Close this folder.Close this folder.Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Egypt Daily Life
Egyptian Life
Explore the Pyramids
Make a Mummy
Make Your Own Cartouche
Tour of Egypt
Close this folder.Close this folder.Greece
Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece and Rome
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mali
Discovering Mudcloth
Magical Mali
Ancient Mali
Mali Geography
Mali Web Site Links
Mali Empire
Virtual Journey of Mali
Close this folder.Close this folder.Rome
Ancient Greece and Rome
Roman Mosaic
The Romans
Close this folder.Close this folder.United States
Close this folder.Close this folder.African-American History
Close this folder.Close this folder.African-American Scientists & Inventors
Black Scientists and Inventors
Historic Contributions of Black Scientists and Engineer...
Inventors Online Museum presents African American Inven...
Close this folder.Close this folder.Black History Month
Black Heritage
Black History
Black History
Black History
Black History Month
Black History Month
Family Education
History Channel
Holiday Zone
Kids Corner
Afro-American Alamanac
Black History Activities: Exploring African-American Is...
Black History Month Resources
Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Arican-American History and C...
Martin Luther King, Jr. & the Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King, Jr. Teaching Theme Resources
The African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Cong...
The Internet African-American History Challenge
The Underground Railroad (National Geographic)
Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court Justice
Timeline of African-American History
Close this folder.Close this folder.American Revolution
American Revolution
Choosing Revolution
Early America
From Revolution to Reconstruction...and what happened a...
Liberty! The American Revolution
Loyalty or Liberty
Revolutionary WebQuest
Spy Letters of American Revolution
Timeline for the Revolution
Close this folder.Close this folder.Jamestown
Jamestown Gazette
Jamestown Online Adventure
Jamestown Rediscovery
Jamestown Settlement
Virtual Jamestown
Visit the Jamestown Society
Close this folder.Close this folder.Native Americans
Native Americans
Native Americans
Powhatan Indian Village
Close this folder.Close this folder.Oregon Trail
On the Trail Again
Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail
Social Studies Poster Sets - States and Capitals
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Explorers WebQuest
FactFinder Kids' Corner - Fun State Facts
Famous People
Geology of Virginia
History Channel
IPL Kidspace: Stately Knowledge
National Archives and Records Administration: Digital C...
National Geographic Map Machine
Old Sturbridge Village
Plimoth Plantation
State and Country QuickFacts
State Symbols, Flags, Seals, Geography, and People of t...
Stately Knowledge
U.S. History
US State Facts, Map and State Symbols - EnchantedLearni...
USA Jigsaw Puzzle
Virginia Regions
Virginia Studies
Virginia's Geographic Regions
River Systems - Watersheds
White House for Kids
Ancient Civilizations
Close this folder.Close this folder.Teacher Resources
ABC Teach
AIMS Education Foundation
Big6: An Information Problem-Solving Process
Connecting Books to VA SOLs
Curriculum Archive
Everyday Mathematics
Evaluating Web Pages
Find It Virginia
Index to Books
Integrating Math and Language Arts
IRC Homepage
K-3 History and Social Science SOLs
K12 Station
Make Custom Bingo Cards
MarcoPolo Internet Content for the Classroom
NCTM Illuminations
Office in the Classroom
Project Interactivate
ProQuest Information and Learning
Questioning Toolkit
Quiz Hub
Read Write Think
60 Ways to Practice Spelling
Teachers First Resources
VDOE Technology
Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Virginia Department of Education
WeatherNet Classroom
Web Adventures
Close this folder.Close this folder.Miscellaneous
Kathy Schrock - Primary Sources
The Library of Congress
Virginia Beach Public Library Home Page
Computer Lab Kids
Contact Elected Officials
Graphic Organizers
Interactive Learning
Interactive Quizzes
Interactive Quizzes - Grade 3
Interactive Quizzes - Grade 4
Interactive Quizzes - Grade 5
Technology in the Library
Virginia SOL Practice
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