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custom made typing tests thanksgiving fun
learn4good entreprenuer games
Close this folder.Close this folder.Money .. math
moneyville Get Real!!!
theme hotel
Do I have enough $
money bingo
counting money money
math games on mathplayground
Close this folder.Close this folder.GA milestones practice
Practice tests
item sampler GA DOE
end of grade study guide GA DOE
GA DOE - GA milestones info
Ga cyber academy - GA milestone info
Character traits - Employee skills
Geni Revolution Personal Fiance Skills Game
Banzai financial literacy
fun learning for early learners
commoncraft learning VIDEOS Videos on EVERYTHING
Close this folder.Close this folder.Writing, Reading, and Vocabulary FUN sign in using class code: 49GQD
MYON READING WEBSITE sign in clever homepage
create a comic-read write think words every MS student should know
vocabulary words every middle schooler should know
Improve your VOCABULARY on
Technology Vocabulary Words
Close this folder.Close this folder.learning styles
Close this folder.Close this folder.MISC Folder-CHALLENGE ME!
Close this folder.Close this folder.Bus Safety and Say No to Drugs info
fun learning about drugs 6-8
interactive site for 6-8
Red Ribbon Week website
The truth about
Brake for buses video
FBI Cyber Surf Island
civics game BUSINESS LAW-get login username from Casaletta IS IT REAL?
khan academy login
How to do anything - computers and electronics - wiki how
Brain Games TV Series videos
Learn Zillion "click on quick code" and use Code: LZ142
Multiplication Facts (timed) 2
BrainPop Free
Close this folder.Close this folder.Coding -computer programing - make your own game
How to for the teacher: resources videos for coding free computer language courses
SCRATCH create games and animations
Gooogle CS first
khan how to program.... learning to code
Close this folder.Close this folder.News NEWSHOUR EXTRA
News from around the world!! Newspaper HEADLINES
Time mag news for kids
national geographic news for kids
On this Day
NY Times
Any Day in History
The History This day in history?
Close this folder.Close this folder.TYPING
Close this folder.Close this folder.typing tests
speed typing online tests homerow test
Close this folder.Close this folder.Learn to type websites
ALL THE RIGHT TYPE 4 ONLINE typing lessons
Dance Mat typing
Power Typing choose your keys
Close this folder.Close this folder.typing games
Treasure Dive
Nitrotype race game
GAMES page 1 more games page 2
10 typing
Close this folder.Close this folder.other info
letters, memos, resume, and envelope guide
Ergonomics Quiz
Keys on the Keyboard- Rags to Riches
Matching Terms
keys on the keyboard-what do they mean?
Calculator and stop watch
Close this folder.Close this folder.Economics-Money
Close this folder.Close this folder.Economic Games
$ games and fun ""
Mall Shopping interactive
Advertising Game!!!!
MONEY METROPOLIS-saving for a goal!
financial FOOTBALL
Financial SOCCER
Close this folder.Close this folder.Entreprenuership-You Are The Boss
many games
Coffee Shop
lemonade stand
info on being your own boss
How to start your online business logo creation site
create your company LOGO
Close this folder.Close this
marketing pretest/quiz
all about money
how to write a check
write out a check on
Teach the value of a dollar- finance training for teens
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Lessons
Debt- History of
federal reserve
exchanging currency
determining your budget-www.the
Close this folder.Close this folder.COMPUTERS: Hardware and Software
Movie Maker video tutorials
computer vocabulary on
computer input and output devices
MS Office 2007 VIDEO training
MS Excel Training
LEARNINGELECTRIC.COM older versions of MS office applications-tutorials
spreadsheet quiz
6th grade computer test
Close this folder.Close this folder.internet
videos on all
Close this folder.Close this folder.Basic Internet
welcome to the web
I Know the Internet 10 ? quiz
History of the Internet - online ppt
Hangman Internet Terms
Internet Vocabulary flash cards/concentration/matching/wordsearch
Basic Internet info -ppt (Teacher and students)
Internet VS WWW (world wide web) Article How Stuff Works
Close this folder.Close this folder.Evaluating Websites and URL's
Rags to Riches game: Research and the Internet
Evaluating Web sites pdf
understanding URLs(web addresses)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Search Engines-RESEARCHING
tHE BEST Search Engine LISTS for students
List of search engines
List of Search Engines
How a Search Engine Works
Search tip
Close this folder.Close this folder.Cyber Bullying/safety/security
Close this folder.Close this folder.videos and games on safety
onguard (show your parents this site)
FBI's safe online surfing internet challenge
Internet Safety Test
Netiquette quiz
Detective office cyberbullying
no bullying challenge site
Megan - effects of cyberbullying
Close this folder.Close this folder.Information Sites
Stop bullying Government site
Are you a Cyber Bully?
info be web aware
US cyber security site
Close this folder.Close this folder.Plagiarism/copyright laws
Rags to riches plagiarism
plagiarism quiz
?s classroom copyright
Plagiarism vs copyright
Student's Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism
Close this folder.Close this folder.Home networking and Wireless
home network 2
Home network basics
Home network security
What is Wi-Fi? wireless computing
Close this folder.Close this folder.virus
virus security on commoncraft
viruses Article
Close this folder.Close this folder.Hub, Switch, and Router
DSL Reports
Close this folder.Close this folder.Your future-careers-colleges
Close this folder.Close this folder.High School - life planning sites
Mapping your College and beyond
You're an adult now!!! Activity students have to make financial decisions ....teachersnetwork.o...
Movin on out video for teens on
financial aid
Need a reality check?-jumpstart reality
Determining your budget
Close this folder.Close this folder.Career Unit
What are you interested in?
What is your personality type?
personality test
Free Personality test- 16
Your free career test
WORK PERMIT AND child labor laws for working youth
Technical college System of GA
University System of GA Colleges and Careers
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Career one career videos
GCIC career cluster videos career videos
100 careers to consider in Computer Science
careers that are secure and emerging in the future top careers & companies
health Careers pdf format
Want a computer career? Military careers Military Careers
Careers with Math
Career Activities
Create a cover letter
Close this folder.Close this folder.Permit DMV-Department of Motor Vehicles
Close this folder.Close this folder.activities - matching - hangman
Knowing Yourself
Vocabulary Words to Know
Permit Activities - pick any
Car Parts
Matching Signs Activity
Close this folder.Close this folder.Quizes and Tests for Driving - Quia
Traffic Signs
Iowa Pre Driver Test
Even Another Practice Test
Another Practice Test
Practice Test
Signs Practice
Iowa Driver Education Quiz
Challenge Board
Rules of the Road & Signs Practice
GA DMV- lerner's permit
Close this folder.Close this folder.Accounting
accounting tutorials, tests, quizzes, games
Close this folder.Close this folder.Technology -computers and smartphones
computer and WIRELESS networking basics
wireless networking IP addresses
Get the most out of your PC
All about Microsoft ONEDRIVE cloud storage
CNET.COM technology news, reviews, downloads, how to...
understanding mobile apps
app info video
What different operating systems are there for cell phones?
What is an app ?
Close this folder.Close this folder.resources - research
Technology Resource
Close this folder.Close this folder.References-Citing-Bibliography
Bibliography vs Reference -creates references your report info
Close this folder.Close this folder.People Biographies-Famous People
More famous people
famous entrepreneurs
famous entreprenuers
Famous people (hall of fame)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Our World-Countries-Geography
Country information
country info
country studies
Dictionary Thesaurus-Merriam Webster
think quest library
GALILEO-password: keepsake
search scholarly literature
Math Dictionary!
Close this folder.Close this folder.kid sites-educational
khan academy learn programming
where is that country?
Trivia games
hoodamath logic games
fish dissection
Multiplication Facts
Scratch "program your own stories, games or cards
program game Lightbot
Math playground games
area and perimeter challenge
button beach challenge
learning games for
kids Know it . com
geography games
East of the Web - Several Word Games
Enchanted Mind Puzzles - Play any of them
Educational Games - Pick the harder levels
Geography Game
Rush Hour
Math Activities
Math Mayhem
world info -
Hangman -
geonet fun questions/game
Math skills-interactive
cells alive
Close this folder.Close this folder.Our Country
US Embassy?
drag and drop state find that state
Whitehouse tours
GA State Senate Committee - Education
Project vote smart lessons 4 teachers
Your elected GA officials
who are your district representatives?
9-11 timeline
911 remembrance video
Our constitution and more
Declaration of Independence
History of US
government sites for kids
50 state abbreviations-State facts
Close this folder.Close this folder.creating web pages-web site
Close this folder.Close this folder.student -created websites
Friends of Rachel club emps
FBLA Club site
raiders robotics club site
Learn HTML and learn to build your own website Khan Academy
create your own website for free
create web page with publisher make a website
Create WEB
Steps to creating your own website
Close this folder.Close this folder.create cards, bookmarks, calendars, and much much more
create your own marvel hero
Create your own bitmoji
build your wild self free avatars
Templates online to create name tags ect. ......
Make your own M&M's for fun
More word clouds (word art)
Clouds made of words! Make your own
customize your own NIKE sneaker
Create your own Adidas sneaker
Create your own Newspaper Clipping
Create your own Motivational Poster
Another Create your own Car
Make your own Magazine Cover
create an OUTLINE -notetaker-
create a CHART in Excel
create a GRAPH -kidszone-
create a TIME LINE
free e-card and make flash cards and word searches
Make your Coat of Arms
Close this folder.Close this folder.clip art and sounds
images and animated images and quotes
Microsoft free clip art, photos, sounds and animations
clipart -
Need Pictures?
A-Z clipart
free clip art/copy and paste
Close this folder.Close this folder.Standardized Tests and info.
CRCT study guides Gr1-8
Georgia Dept. of
take better
practice tests-all grade levels
free learning tutorials
Close this folder.Close this folder.Future Business Leaders of America
Close this folder.Close this folder.FBLA Sites National Site
Close this folder.Close this folder.SMG For Students
Mr. Hames SMG videos and info
How to Play The Stock Market Game - Presentation
Stock Market Resources!!!
Wallys stock info
Stock Market Game FAQS Begin here
Casaletta's stock market game LOGIN PAGE
Close this folder.Close this folder.Company News
stock tips www.the
mad money Jim Cramer
stock symbol and
Close this folder.Close this stock market games
FREE SMG GAME challenge-online
Wall street survivor SMG
Close this folder.Close this folder.SMG Teacher Resources
What is a stock....lesson
stocks and investing info-teacher resource
Worksheets for SMG - teacher
Teacher Resources SMG
Close this folder.Close this folder.Spanish
Spanish Resources!!!
babbel learn any language - for beginners
Spanish Tank Game
High School Span. 1 bk used at EPMS learn a language for free
english words into other languages
Hear numbers over 100 in Spanish
translates words/
online free
Spanish Talk-intro
Close this folder.Close this folder.High School Tests
Close this folder.Close this folder.SAT or ACT
SAT help!!!
SAT info
SAT Prep
Free practice SAT info/registration American College Test site
EOCT-End Of Course Test
GHSCT-Georgia High School Graduation Test
Depart of
Close this folder.Close this folder.Need an address?
islandnet snail mail
Mouse House - famous movie, TV and music stars
Close this folder.Close this folder.Digital Camera
Digital camera links
Close this folder.Close this folder.Venture
Greek Mythology
dukeofdefinition (stems)
Social Studies Fair
Close this folder.Close this folder.Teacher's sites
interactive web tools
10 ways for teachers and students to build website
21st century school
best websites for teaching and learning
48 cool sites for kids and teachers
Brantley MS teacher site
6th grade teacher page
another teacher's site
CTAE Standards
Close this folder.Close this folder.Science Fun
fun facts of solar system
build your own solar sytem McGraw Hill
build your own solar system brainpop
build your own solar system
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