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Close this folder.Close this folder.Teacher Tools
CT State Dept. of Education
BrainPOP Free Stuff
Close this folder.Close this folder.Math
McDougal Littell Math Course II
McDougal Littell Math Course III
McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra
Algebra Geek Patrol: Equations
Math Slice
Close this folder.Close this folder.Social Studies
Study Zone Document Based Questions
Our Courts: 21st Century Civics
ClassZone: Creating America
Close this folder.Close this folder.McDougal Littell Class Zone
Language Network 7
Language Network 8
Close this folder.Close this folder.Research Resources
Internet Public Library
EH Public Library
Hartford Courant
Connecticut Digital Library
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Word Central
Son of Citation Machine
Close this folder.Close this folder.Language Arts
Plugged In
Mr. Nussbaum's Language Arts
Close this folder.Close this folder.African Folktale
The Talking Goat
Anansi and the Yam Hills
Anansi and Brother Death
Close this folder.Close this folder.Bullying
Video: Let's Fight it Together
Video: Stand Tall
Bullying Awareness Week
NetSmart Teens
S-Team Heroes
Close this folder.Close this folder.Take Notes From These Sites
PBS Kids: It's My Life
Kids Health: Dealing With Bullies
How to Stop a Bully
Close this folder.Close this folder.Crime Detection
Solve it With Logic
The Art of Crime Detection
Close this folder.Close this folder.Phonics
Consonant Cluster Crosswords
Missing Vowels
Close this folder.Close this folder.A Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol Audio
Disney's A Christmas Carol
Christmas Mahjong
Christmas Sudoku
Christmas Word Scramble
Tile Swap Puzzle
Jingle Bells
Christmas Word Search
Angel's Christmas Word Puzzle
Christmas Crossword
Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles
A Cartoon Christmas Carol
Close this folder.Close this folder.Composition
Explore the Amazon
Letter Generator
Close this folder.Close this folder.CMT Practice
Sentence Surgeons
Extreme Sentence Surgeons
Paragraph Paramedics
Cloze Reading
Semicolon Wars
Torture the Teacher
Word Mash
Close this folder.Close this folder.So Far From the Bamboo Grove
Ikebana 1
Ikebana 2
Kimono 1
Kimono 2
Shodo 1
Shodo 2
Tea Ceremony 1
Tea Ceremony 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Cloze
Close this folder.Close this folder.Group 1
Monster Story
Measuring Time
Hours that Count
Meggie's Life
Stuck in the Desert
I Want You, Fiona
Losing Identity
You Can be a Singer
Robin Hood
Scientific Revolution
Close this folder.Close this folder.Group 2
Few Clues in Little Mermaid Case
The Fastest Dinosaurs
The Lady and the Tiger
Marry Me and My Dog
The Amazing London Eye
Never Too Late to Learn to Read
Broken Proverbs
Letter of Complaint
Giant Flower
Close this folder.Close this folder.No Word Bank
Parts of Speech Cloze
Restaurant Dialogue
Close this folder.Close this folder.Complete Sentence
The Fishing Championship
Famous Dancer
A Special Type of Fruit
Close this folder.Close this folder.Reading
Easy Reading Practice
Quia: Finding the Main Idea
Reading Ring
Cause and Effect
Breaking News English
Readquarium: Inference
Between the Lines
Myths and Legends
Aesop's Fables
The Monkey and the Boar
VOA: The Lady or the Tiger
Cinderella: Elements of a Story
A Christmas Carol
LoudLit: Listen and Read
Close this folder.Close this folder.Grade 8 Short Stories 2011
Close this folder.Close this folder.The Sniper
The Sniper Interactive
Text and Quiz
Close this folder.Close this folder.The Ransom of Red Chief
The Ransom of Red Chief: Audio
O. Henry Mini Bio
O. Henry Short Biography
Internet Academy Interactive: Irony
Interactive Quiz
Close this folder.Close this folder.The Monkey's Paw
Audio: Books Should be Free
The Monkey's Paw Quick Quiz
Close this folder.Close this folder.The Tell-Tale Heart
Interactive Audio
The Tell-Tale Heart Quiz
Close this folder.Close this folder.Edgar Allen Poe Scavenger Hunt
Poe Museum
Annabel Lee
Columbia Rare Book Library
Edgar Allan Poe Cryptographic Challenge
Close this folder.Close this folder.Spelling
Word Confusion
Super Match Game
Coconut Vowels
Spelling Match
Everglades Spelling
Spelling 5
Spelling 6
Close this folder.Close this folder.Grammar
Classzone: Grammar Arcade
Language Arts Games
Grammar Bytes
Descriptive Words
Character Traits
Close this folder.Close this folder.Editing
Revising With Style
Proofreading Makes Perfect 2
Proofreading Makes Perfect 3
Proofreading Makes Perfect 4
Proofreading Makes Perfect 5
Star Tower Punctuation
Interactive English
English-Zone: Capital Letters
Close this folder.Close this folder.Apostrophes
Contraction Crossword
Close this folder.Close this folder.Commas
Comma Confusion
Comma Practice
Dear Mr. Henshaw
Close this folder.Close this folder.Subject Verb Agreement
To Be: Present and Past Tense
Plural Noun and Verb Agreement
What's the Correct Verb Form? Part 2
What's the Correct Verb Form? Part 3
What's the Correct Verb Form? Part 4
Past Tense Crossword 1
Past Tense Crossword 2
Past Tense Crossword 3
Past Tense Crossword 4
Past, Present, or Future Tense 1
Past, Present, or Future Tense 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Parts of Speech
Noun Dunk
Identifying Nouns 01
Plural Nouns
Noun Review Jeopardy
Rags to Riches: Plurals
Possessive Nouns
Exploring for Possessives
Irregular Verb Jeopardy
Irregular Verbs Crossword Puzzle
Pronoun Clubhouse
Revisewise Adjectives and Adverbs
Word Invasion
Grammar Gorillas
Identify the Parts of Speech
Parts of Speech Movies
Close this folder.Close this folder.Sentences
K2 Bitesize: Words and Sentences
Quia: Sentence Fragments
Quia: Sentence Fragments and Run-Ons
GrammarBytes: Fragments 1
Sentence Surgeons
Close this folder.Close this folder.Antonyms and Synonyms
Word Frog
Close this folder.Close this folder.Prefixes and Suffixes
BBC: Prefixes and Suffixes
Rooting Out Words
Prefix Millionaire
Short Circuit
Close this folder.Close this folder.Harlem Renaissance
Drop Me Off in Harlem
America's Library: Langston Hughes
America's Story: Billie Holiday
The Great Migration
Close this folder.Close this folder.Anne Frank
Interactive Lit: Diary of Anne Frank
Anne Frank's History
Anne Frank Guide
Introduction to the Holocaust
LIfe in Shadows: Hidden Children of the Holocaust
Children of the Holocaust
Daring to Resist
World War II Videos
Close this folder.Close this folder.Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Interactive Literature
Early Moments in American History: Paul Revere
The Paul Revere House
Battle at Concord's North Bridge
Paul Revere, American Patriot
Paul Revere: Did You Know?
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mythology
Windows to the Universe: Classical Mythology
Intro to Ancient Greek Mythology
Odyssey Online: Ancient Greece
Greek History for Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.The Story of My Life
The Day You Were Born
Time Capsule - news, music, etc.
Close this folder.Close this folder.Interactive Poetry
PBS: Interactive Haiku
More Instant Poetry Forms
Close this folder.Close this folder.Math
Math Playground
That Quiz
Knowledge Box
Spy Guys
Mr. Nussbaum Math
Mr. N's Drag and Drop Math
AAA Math Grade 7 Topics
AAA Math Grade 8 Topics
Mixed Math Mahjong
Advanced Math Mahjong
Math Slice
NLVM: Virtual Manipulatives
Learning Wave Index
Close this folder.Close this folder.Absolute Value
Intro to Absolute Value
Number Balls
Absolute Value Quiz
Close this folder.Close this folder.Addition + Subraction
War Pretzels
Garage Sale Wizard
Close this folder.Close this folder.Area, Perimeter, and Volume
Funbrain: Shape Surveyor
That Quiz: Geometry
AAA Math: Area and Perimeter
Math Playground Area and Perimeter
Everything You Wanted to Know
Classzone: Perimeter and Area
Math Slice: Area and Perimeter
Baseball Geometry: Area of Triangles
AAA Math: Cirumference of Circle
Basketball Geometry: Circumference
Basketball Geometry: Area of Circle
AAA Math: Area of a Circle
Shodor: Surface Area and Volume
3d Boxes
Sketching Solids
Classzone: Volume of a Prism
Close this folder.Close this folder.Co-ordinate Graphing
Using Ordered Pairs
That Quiz: Points
Funbrain: What's the Point?
Metroid Coordinates
Locate the Aliens
Stock the Shelves
Robot Maze Game
Close this folder.Close this folder.Customary Units
Customary Units Drill and Practice
Artie Ounces Soda Jerk
Close this folder.Close this folder.Decimals
Spy Guys Decimals
Spy Guys: Solving Problems with Decimals
Mr. Nussbaum's Decimals
Birmingham Grid
Math Frog: Ordering Decimals 1
MathFrog Ordering Decimals 2
Ordering Decimals: The Award Ceremony
Comparing, Ordering, and Rounding Decimals
Rounding and Comparing Decimals Jeopardy
Decimals of the Caribbean
Decimal Jeopardy
Base Blocks Decimals: Add & Subtract
Rags to Riches: Adding + Subtracting Decimals
E-lab Magic Square
Math Frog: Decimal Mania
Railroad Repair
Decimal Multiplication2
Math Frog: Decimultiplication
AAA Math: Decimals
Death to Decimals (fraction to decimal)
Learning Wave Decimals
Close this folder.Close this folder.Distributive Property
Online Worksheet
Distributive Property Practice
Distributive Property Jeopardy
Lesson Movie
Close this folder.Close this folder.Division
Balloon Invaders
Division 12 Mini Game
Sum Sense Division
Close this folder.Close this folder.Equations
Algebra Tiles
AAA Math: Equations + Expressions
That Quiz: Algebra
Algebra Planet Blaster
Model Algebra
Waldomaths: Equations
Math Slice: One Step Equations
One Step Equation Hoop Shoot
One Step Equation Pong
XP Math: Division Equations
X Equals
Math Slice: 2 Step Equations
Two Step Equations Basketball
Algebra Flashcards
Algebra Balance Scales
Algebra Balance Scales/Negatives
Scored Balance Strategy Game
Rags to Riches
Quia: Equation Jeopardy
Equation Word Problems
Learning Wave Algebra
Close this folder.Close this folder.Exponents
Learn Alberta: Exponents
Powers and Exponents
AAA Math: Powers by Multiplication
That Quiz: Exponents
Order of Operations with Exponents
Dividing Powers of Same Base
AAA Math: Squaring a Number
AAA Math: Evaluate Cubes
AAA Math: Evaluating Exponents
Evaluating Integers with Exponents
Exponent Jeopardy
Mathopolis: What is an Exponent?
Mathopolis: Variables With Exponents
Rags to Riches: Adding Positive Exponents
IXL: Negative Exponents
Practice the Rules of Exponents
Classzone: Rules of Exponents
Laws of Exponents Jeopardy
Close this folder.Close this folder.Expressions
Escape From Planet X
Quizlet: Writing Algebraic Expressions
Expressions Millionaire Game
Like Terms Game
RJ the Robot Collects Like Terms
Matching Action
Math for You: Combine Like Terms
Slider Math: Like Terms
IXL: Simplify Variable Expressions
Algebraic Abbreviations
Simplify Expressions A
Simplify Expressions B
Simplify Expressions C
Substitution A
Substitution B
Evaluate Expressions with One Variable
AAA Math: EValuate Expressions with Two Variables
IXL Evaluate Multi Variable Expressions
Substitution Quiz
Simplifying Variable Expressions
Mountain Climbing Substitution Race
Powers, Exponents, Variables, and Expressions
Close this folder.Close this folder.Factors
Classzone: Greatest Common Factor
AAA Math: Factors
Factor Trees
Roast Turkeys
Octopus Factors
Math Lines XFactor
Greatest Common Factor
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fractions
Fraction Cafe
Visual Fractions
Shodor Fraction Sorter
TV411: What is a Fraction?
Shodor Equivalent Fractions Finder
Classzone: Equivalent Fractions
Lowest Terms Game
That Quiz: Fractions
Triplets: Equivalent Fractions
Math Slice: Ordering
Math is Fun: Ordering Fractions
Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers
Classzone: Mixed Number to Improper Fraction
Math Playground: Mixed to Improper
Math Playground: Convert Fractions to Decimals
Converting a Fraction to a Decimal
Decimal and Fraction Converter
NLVM: Add Fractions
Classzone: Fractions With Different Denominators
Add +Subtract Fractions Challenge
Subtract Mixed Numbers with Borrowing
Mystery Picture: Fraction Multiplication
Decimals, Fractions, and Percent Challenge
Mission Magnetite
Fraction Jeopardy
Mr. Nussbaum's EZ Fractions
Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop
Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop
Learning Wave Fractions
Close this folder.Close this folder.Function Machines
Mental Maths
Stop that Creature
NLVM: Function Machine 1
NLVM: Function Machine 2
Shodor Function Machine
Whole Number Cruncher
Close this folder.Close this folder.Geometry
That Quiz: Shapes
Star Gazing
Baseball Geometry: Polygons
Geometric Matching
Do You Know About Symmetry?
Symmetry Activity
Post the Shapes
BBC Bitesize: Shape, Space and Measure
Fling the Teacher: 2D and 3D Shapes
Turtle Geometry
Robo Packer
Learning Wave Geometry 1
Quia: Pythagorean Theorem
Close this folder.Close this folder.Graphs and Charts
Inertpreting Data with Dick & Dom
Create A Graph
Classzone: Bar and Line Graphs
Classzone: Stem and Leaf Plots
Stem and Leaf Plotter
Shodor Bar Graph
Close this folder.Close this folder.Integers
That Quiz: Integers
Understanding Integers
Exploring Integers and Temperature
AAA Math: Positive and Negative Integers
Line Jumper
Number Balls
One False Move
Comparing and Ordering Integers
Space Coupe to the Rescue
Color Chips Addition
Slider Math Integer Addition
Fruit Shoot: Integer Addition
Hop to It
Integer Football
Classzone: Adding Integers
Adding 3 Integers
Color Chips Subtraction
Fruit Shoot Integer Subtraction
Classzone: Adding and Subtracting Integers
Walk the Plank
Integers Jeopardy
Integers Hoopshoot
Classzone: Multiplying Integers
Fruit Shoot: Mixed Operations
Math Fighter
Number Line Bounce
Circle Zero
Integer Word Problems
Learning Wave Integers
Close this folder.Close this folder.Linear Inequalities
Classzone: Writing Inequalities
AAA Math: Solving Inequalities
Geogebra: Intervals on the Number Line
Graphing a Linear Inequality
Graph Linear Inequalities
ZeGenie Tutorials
Close this folder.Close this folder.Linear Equations
Classzone: Graphing Functions
Intro to Slope
ClassZone: Slope Intercept Form
Slope Intercept Basketball
Roller Coaster Slope
Save the Zogs
Point Slope Form
Mathopolis: Linear Equations
Math Slice Interactive Worksheets
Graph Linear Equations
Eat or Be Eaten
Video: Solve by Graphing
Regents Solve by Graphing
Video: Solve by Substitution
Regents: Solve by Substitution
Solve gy Graphing Quiz
Solve by Sustitution Quiz
IXL: Solve Systems of Equations
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mean, Median, Mode
AAA Math: Statistics
Math Slice: Statistics
Basketball Debate
Bicycles a la Mode
All That Data!
Mean Runners
Bamzooki Mean, Median, Mode
KS2: Mean, Median, Mode
Rags to Riches
Slider Math
Close this folder.Close this folder.Measurement
Measure It
Sal's Sub Shop
Close this folder.Close this folder.Metric System
English and Metric Symbols
All You Will Need to Know About Metric
Metric Mania: Length
Funbrain: Measure It!
That Quiz: Measurement
Metric Mania: Mass
BBC: BAMZOOKi Measures
BBC: Measure and Weigh
Metric Mania: Volume
Metric Hangman
AAA Math: Metric System
Metric Mania: Metric Conversion
E-Lab Metric Length
BBC: Build a Shed
Metric Length Pop-Ups
Metric Length Ordered List
Metric 4
Scrambled Metric Weight and Capacity
Metric Millionaire
That Quiz: Conversion
Metric 6E: Conversions
Metric 6H Conversions
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mixed Practice
Trimathlon (Addition & Subtraction)
Mayan Math Monster
Funbrain: Math Baseball
Math Magician Games
Math Madness
Mental Maths 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Money
Money Program
Cash Out Currency
Making Change
Funbrain: Change Maker
Count the Money
Close this folder.Close this folder.Multiplication
Quick Flash II
Multiplication Station
Mahjong Multiplication
Mathman Multiplication
Sum Sense Multiplication
Rags to Riches: Multiplication Estimation
Multiplication Quick Quizzes
Close this folder.Close this folder.Multiply/Divide by 10's Powersof 10
Video: Divide by Powers of 10
Toon University: Multiply by 10
Powerama 4
Powerama 5M
Powerama 5D
Powerama 6D
Close this folder.Close this folder.Order of Operations
Order of Operations Review
Operation Quiz
Exploring Order of Operations
Selecting an Operation
A+ Math: Order of Operations
Math Frog: Order of Operations
Slider Math
Funbrain: Operation Order
XP Math: Order of Operations
Order of Operations with Fractions
Order of Operations Millionaire Game
Call of Heirarchy: Black Order of Operations
AAA Order of Operations
Close this folder.Close this folder.Patterns
AAA Math: Patterns
Sequences and Patterns
NLVM: Color Patterns
Pattern Generator
BBC: Number Patterns
Describing Patterns
Line Dry
Funbrain: Number Cracker
NLVM: Number Patterns 1
NLVM: Number Patterns 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Percent
Percent of a Number
Math Slice: Percentage 1
Math Slice: Percentage 2
Convert Decimals to Percents 1
Convert Decimals to Percents 2
Convert Percent to Decimal 1
Convert Percent to Decimal 2
Year 7 Fractions to Percent
Mission Magnetite
Penguin Waiter
Shopping at Troy's Toys
Fractions, Decimals, and Percent Jeopardy
Close this folder.Close this folder.Place Value
Place Value Millionaire Game
TV411: Place Value
Toon University: Place Value
Funbrain: Place Value Puzzler
Quia: Place Value Playoff
Scooter Quest
Math Slice Place Value
Place Value Pirates
Close this folder.Close this folder.Probability
Probability Starfish
Gumball Probability
Bamzooki Probability
Classzone: Intro to Probability
Classzone: Simple Probability
Disguise Combos
Classzone: Finding Outcomes
Hare and Tortoise
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ratios and Proportions
AAA Math: Ratios
Cross Multiplying Proportions
Math Slice Ratios (interactive or print)
Classzone: Writing an Equivalent Ratio
Ratio Blaster
Ratio Jigsaw
Ratios in the Kitchen
Quia: Proportions Rags to Riches
Thinking Blocks: Ratio Word Problems
BBC: Ratio and Proportions
Practice Proportions Test
Close this folder.Close this folder.Rounding and Estimation
Number Nut: Round to Nearest Ten
Number Nut: Round to the Nearest Tenth
Number Nut: Round to Nearest Hundredth
Number Nut: Round to the Nearest Thousandth
Half-Court Rounding
Estimate Sums to the Nearest Ten
Estimating Differences to the Nearest Ten
Estimating Sums to the Nearest Tenth
Estimate Differences to the Nearest Hundredth
Glowla's Estimation Contraption
Shodor Estimator
Close this folder.Close this folder.Scientific Notation
Patterning the Powers of Ten
AAA Math: Scientific Notation
Scientific Notation: Conversions
XP Game 1
XP Game 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Similar and Congruent
Carol's Congruent Concentration
Study Zone: Similar and Congruent
Similar and Congruent Figures
Congruent Shapes
Fuel the Brain: Ice Blocker
Lines of Symmetry Game
Symmetry Activity
Close this folder.Close this folder.Spatial Sense
Point Out the View
Coloring Sides 1
Coloring Sides 2
Rotating Houses
Building Houses
Building From Directions
Close this folder.Close this folder.Square Roots
Exploring Square Roots
Square Root Flashcards
That Quiz: Root and Exponent
Square Roots Quiz
Mathopolis: Squares and Square Roots
IXL Simplify Radical Expressions
Square Roots Millionaire Game
Braining Camp
Mathopolis: Pythagoras' Theorem
Close this folder.Close this folder.Unit Price
Quia: Unit Price Matching
AAA Math: Consumer Math
Close this folder.Close this folder.Social Studies 7
National Geographic Puzzles and Quizzes
Planet Diary
Close this folder.Close this folder.Maps, Longitude and Latitude
National Geographic Copycat
USA Jigsaw Puzzle
USA Games
USA States Capital Catch
USA States Scored Geo Quiz
Quia Map Skills Quiz
Rags to Riches: Geography and Map Skills
Longitude and Latitude Quiz
Rags to Riches: Latitude and Longitude (need atlas)
Rags to Riches: Continents and Oceans
Rags to Riches: Landforms
Rags to Riches: Landforms 2
TV411: Reading Maps
Mr. N's Mapmaker
Use a Roadmap and Mileage Table
Where on Earth?
USA States Map Match Game
Close this folder.Close this folder.Landforms
Landforms of CT
Landforms of the World
Landforms Glossary
Geography Glossary
Close this folder.Close this folder.U.S. States 5 Themes
Fact Monster: Fifty States
50 States Interactive
World Atlas - U.S.
Geography of the 50 States
HowStuffWorks: USA
Regions of the United States
Latitude/Longitude Finder
State Census Data
CensusScope: Population by State
State Immigration Data
Unemployment by State
Natural Disasters by State
Close this folder.Close this folder.Country in a Bag
Background Notes (U.S. Dept. of State)
Countries and their Culture
Fact Monster
Close this folder.Close this folder.Time Traveler's Journal
Close this folder.Close this folder.Aztecs
Awesome Aztecs
The Ancient Aztecs
Aztec History
The Aztecs
Aztec Mythology and Legends
Famous Leader: Montezuma
Montezuma and Cortes
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mayas
Mysterious Mayas
The Mayans
Mayan Kids
Mayan Society
Mayan Recipes
Famous Leader: Pacal (Pakal)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Incas
Incredible Incas
Incan Civilization
The Incas
The Inca Culture
Famous Leader: Pachacuti
Close this folder.Close this folder.Latin America
Latin America: Animated Geography
South America Level 1
South America Level 2
South America Level 3
South America Map Scored Quiz
Central America Map Scored Quiz
Central America and Caribbean Scored Quiz
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ancient America
Ancient Civilizations
Aztec Floating Gardens
Amazon Rainforest
Latin America Expedition
Odyssey: Ancient Americas
Word Central
Close this folder.Close this folder.Africa
Explore the Regions
Our Africa
CBBC: Living in Africa
CBBC: Why is Africa Poor?
Africa Map Practice
Africa Map Quiz 1
Africa Map Quiz 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.China
LIfe in New China
China Game
Mah Jongg
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Inventions
NeoK12 Videos: History of China
Top 10 Ancient Chinese Inventions
15 Wonderful Chinese Inventions
More Chinese Inventions
Great Chinese Inventions
Ancient Chinese Inventions
Four Great Chinese Inventions
7 Inventions
Close this folder.Close this folder.Great Wall of China
How Stuff Works
Measuring the Wall
Great Wall Myth Shattered
Graffiti's Wrecking Great Wall
NY Times Great Wall Slideshow
Great Wall 360° Virtual Tour
Close this folder.Close this folder.Japan
Kids Web Japan
National Geographic: Spotlight Japan
Close this folder.Close this folder.Japan's Exports
Coming and Going
Japan Matters for America
Made in Japan
Explore Japan: Economy and Industry
Video: Destination Japan
Visit Japan Videos
Close this folder.Close this folder.Japan's Ancient History
Japanese Samurai
Samurai Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Competitive Combat
Close this folder.Close this folder.New Technologies
3D Entertainment at Home
Bullet Train
Electric Car
The Robot Miim
Close this folder.Close this folder.Pop Culture
Hello Kitty
Pokemon Fad
A Land of Super Heroes
Kaiju: Monster Movies
Close this folder.Close this folder.Social Studies 8
COREplus Interactive Learning
Close this folder.Close this folder.USA Map Games
Explore the United States Scavenger Hunt
USA Jigsaw Puzzle
The USA Quiz
USA States Word Search
Conquer the States
Where in the USA is Mr. N?
Close this folder.Close this folder.Explorers of the Americas
Europe and America Meet
Close this folder.Close this folder.Exploradores en español
Hernán Cortés
Hernando de Soto
Francisco Pizarro
Francisco Vázquez de Coronado
Giovanni da Verrazzano
Samuel de Champlain
Henry Hudson
World Explorers Interactive
Explorer Scavenger Hunt
Exploration of North America
Why Explorers Explored the World
Close this folder.Close this folder.Jamestown
On the Trail of Captain John Smith
Jamestown Online Adventure
America in 1607: Jamestown and the Powhatan
Secrets of the Dead: What Really Happened at Jamestown?
The Colony Begins
Jamestown Challenge
Close this folder.Close this folder.Triangular Trade
What Was Triangular Trade?
Triangular Trade Routes
The Slave Trade System
The Story of Africa: Slavery
BBC: The Atlantic Slave Trade
Africans in America Resource Bank
Slaves' Stories
Social Studies for Kids: Triangular Trade
Triangular Trade Word Search
Triangular Trade Quick Quiz
Slavery in the Americas Game
Close this folder.Close this folder.Slave Trade Images
African Captives Yoked in Pairs
An Englishman Tastes the Sweat of an African
Broadside Announcing the Sale of Slaves
The Slave Trade
Interior of a Slave Ship
The Slave Chain
The Slave Deck of the Bark "Wildfire"
Slave Caravans on the Road
Slaves Left to Die
Close this folder.Close this folder.Colonial Life
Characteristics of the Colonies
Close this folder.Close this folder.Thanksgiving
The First Thanksgiving Interactive
Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt
Thanksgiving Crossword
Close this folder.Close this folder.American Revolution
The American Revolution
Video: Revolutionary War
Video: The Boston Tea Party
Video: Paul Revere
Virtual Midnight Ride
Video: The Shot Heard Round the World
Video: Declaring Independence
Video: Molly Pitcher
Video: Benedict Arnold
Thomas Paine and Common Sense
Thomas Paine Video
What Are They Complaining About?
Summary of Common Sense
Fling the Teacher: American Revolution
Revolution Word Search
Revolutionary War Quiz
Liberty Archive
PBS: Liberty
Close this folder.Close this folder.USA Government and Constitution
Constitution Timeline
Congress for Kids: The Constitution
Video: Constitutional Convention
Constitution Day Word Find
Constitution Day Crossword
Mr. Nussbaum's Constitution Interactives
Branches of Power
Scholastic News: You're the President
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Fact Monster: CT Senators and Representatives
Voices for the First
Close this folder.Close this folder.Slavery
Living Under Enslavement at Hermitage Plantation
The Underground Railroad: Escape from Slavery
What Was It Like to be a Slave?
Close this folder.Close this folder.Lewis and Clark
National Geographic: Go West With Lewis and Clark
Mr. Nussbaum's Lewis and Clark
H.I.P. Pocket Change: Lewis and Clark Expedition
Close this folder.Close this folder.Civil War
Civil War Intro and Causes
Compare Two Worlds: North vs. South: 1861
Battle Summaries
Mr. Nussbaum's Civil War Battles
Battle of Cold Harbor
Missouri Compromise
Our Documents: Missouri Compromise
Compromise of 1850
Our Documents: Compromise of 1850
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Our Documents: Kansas-Nebraska Act
PBS: Emancipation Proclamation
Ben's Guide: Emancipation Proclamation
National Archives: Emancipation Proclamation
Gettysburg Address
Our Documents: Gettysburg Address
Surrender at Appomattox Court House
Appomatox Court House
Close this folder.Close this folder.Civil War Personalities
Jefferson Davis 1
Jefferson Davis 2
Robert E. Lee 1
Robert E. Lee 2
Stonewall Jackson 1
Sronewall Jackson 2
Stonewall Jackson 3
George McClellan 1
George McClellan 2
Ulysses S. Grant 1
Ulysses S. Grant
William Sherman 1
William Sherman 2
Frederick Douglass 1
Frederick Douglass 2
Harriet Beecher Stowe 1
Harriet Beecher Stowe 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Civil War Videos
Slavery in America
Civil War Beginnings 1
Civil War Beginnings 2
Civil War Overview
Life of a Soldier 1
Life of a Soldier 2
Lincoln's Proclamation
Lincoln's Conspirators
Fall of Richmond
Conclusion of the War
HippoCampus:Thirteenth Amendment
HippoCampus: Effects of the War
HippoCampus: Reconstruction Begins
HippoCampus: Presidential Reconstruction
Close this folder.Close this folder.Civil War Multi Topic Sites
Home of the American Civil War
The Civil War
A House Divided: Virtual Exhibit
The American Civil War Home Page
Close this folder.Close this folder.Immigration
Immigration and Migration
The New Americans: Cultural Riches
Scholastic: Interactive Ellis Island
Immigration to Connecticut
Immigration Nation
Packing for America
Scholastic: Immigration Stories
LOC: Images of Ellis Island and Immigration
Thinkquest: Immigration (by group)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Black History Postage Stamp Project
Design a Postage Stamp Project
U.S. Postage Stamps
Enchanted Learning: Bios of Great African Americans
Encyclopedia Britannica Biographies
Let's Talk About Black History Month
Son of Citation Machine
Close this folder.Close this folder.Civil Rights
Rosa Parks
Claudette Colvin
Close this folder.Close this folder.Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King Scavenger Hunt
(#'s 1+2) King Encyclopedia: Bus Boycott
(#'s 3+4) March from Selma
MLK Timeline
Close this folder.Close this folder.Women's History
A Woman Got it Done! Hunt
Close this folder.Close this folder.Science 6
Close this folder.Close this folder.Layers of the Atmosphere
ThinkQuest: The Atmosphere
Layers of the Earth's Atmosphere
Earth's Atmosphere from Top to Bottom
Clouds R Us: Layers of the Atmosphere
Purpose Games: Layers of the Atmosphere
Maggie's Earth Adventures
Close this folder.Close this folder.Precipitation
Windows to the Universe: Precipitation
Temperature Shape Snow Crystals
A Guide to Snowflakes
Edheads Weather
Cloud Matching
Severe Weather Challenge
Precipitation Scavenger Hunt
Mars for Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Español
Close this folder.Close this folder.Día de los muertos Day of the Dead
Oaxaca and Day of the Dead Holiday
AZ Central Dia de los muertos
Close this folder.Close this folder.Goya
Goya: Los Caprichos
Davison Art Center: Caprichos
Olga's Gallery: Bio and Works
The Caprichos
Close this folder.Close this folder.Frida Kahlo
Kahlo Biography
KahloFans.Com - Bio, Timeline, Art
Life and Works (Interactive Symbolism)
Casa Azul Virtual Tour
SFOMA: Frida Kahlo
Close this folder.Close this folder.Diego Rivera
Olga's Gallery
Diego Rivera Web Museum
A Visual Biography of Diego Rivera
Diego, Frida and the Mexican School
The Cubist Paintings of Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera in America
Close this folder.Close this folder.Dalí
Salvador Dalí Biography
Virtual Dalí
Wikipedia: Salvador Dalí
The Salvador Dalí Online Exhibit
Artchive: Dalí
Christ of St. John of the Cross
Dalí's 4 Periods
Artcyclopedia: Surrealism
Close this folder.Close this folder.Picasso
Olga's Gallery
Pablo Picasso Period Paintings
Jewels of Spain: Picasso
The Artchive
Museo Picasso Málaga
Picasso Museum in Barcelona
Close this folder.Close this folder.Caribbean
World Atlas: Caribbean
University of Texas: Caribbean Islands
Welcome to Puerto Rico
¡Buen viaje!: Level 1
Study Spanish
BubbaBrain: Spanish
Spanish Flashcards
Spanish Quizzes
My HQ: Spanish
Los números 1-100
Articles and Cognates
Palabras interrogativas
Verbs: Present Tense
¿Qué hora es?
BBC: Spanish Steps
Languages on Line
Casa de Joanna
Quia Spanish Activities
61 Word Hangman
Universal Currency Converter
Close this folder.Close this folder.Typing Practice
Typing Speed Test
DanceMat Typing Tutor
Arachnid Falls
Attack of the Spellerz!
Typing Adventure
Typing Master Key Man Game
Bubbles Typing Game
PowerTyping: Alphabetic Rain
PowerTyping: Falling Words
PowerTyping: Froggies
PowerTyping: Barracuda
PowerTyping: Lessons
Close this folder.Close this folder.Library
The Pact 10 min. clip
Close this folder.Close this folder.Citing Sources MLA Style
EHMS PowerPoint Presentation on Citing Sources
EHMS Works Cited Worksheet
Close this folder.Close this folder.Courtemanche/ Smith
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ellis Island
Ellis Island Foundation
Ellis Island Tour
Ellis Island- Wikipedia
EarthCam: NY
Ellis Island- The History Channel
Ellis Island- PBS
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island Information
Ellis Island Facts
10 Little Known Facts About Ellis Island
Ellis Island History- Immigrarants To America
Ellis Island - History
The Journey to America
Ellis Island Experience
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mr. Campbell
Close this folder.Close this folder.Searches and Directories
Fact Monster
Ask Jeeves- Kids Version
Close this folder.Close this folder.Citing Sources MLA Style
EHMS PowerPoint Presentation on Citing Sources
EHMS Works Cited Worksheet
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ms. Ferreira
Close this folder.Close this folder.Current Events
Current Events
Social Studies for Kids
Time for Kids
Discovery Kids
National Geographic
National Geographic Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mesopotamia
Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids
Ancient Mesopotamia
Mesopotamia British Museum
Mesopotamia Information
Map Adventure
Map Games
Map Games
Close this folder.Close this folder.Holocaust
Hitler Comes to Power
Introduction to the Holocaust
Concentration Camps, 1933-1939
Close this folder.Close this folder.Egypt
Webquest Mummies
Webquest Project1
Webquest Project2
Create Pyramid Game
Magic Lesson Game
Ancient Egypt for Kids
SMART Exchange- Egypt
An Introduction to Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Mummies
The River Nile
Kids from Egypt
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mummies
Mummy Maker
Tomb of the Unknown Mummy
Close this folder.Close this folder.Egypt Final Project
Tombs of Ancient Egypt Video
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fast Facts About Egypt
MrDonn’s Ancient Egypt for Kids
Map of Ancient Egypt
Geography of Egypt
Maps of Ancient Egypt from the British Museum
Mysteries of Egypt – Geography
Mr. Dowling’s site
Close this folder.Close this folder.Walk Like An Egyptian
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
The British Museum -Click on “Egyptian Life”
Life in Egypt
Mr. Donn’s- At the bottom, read about Daily life in Egy...
Close this folder.Close this folder.Egyptian Hieroglyphics – Hieroglyphics
Mr. Dowling’s The Rosetta Stone
History for Kids! – Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Close this folder.Close this folder.Egyptian Pyramids
Pyramid Construction
Mysteries of Egypt – Architecture
Carnegie Museum of Natural History – Tombs
Nova, Pyramids
Learn how to create PowerPoint Presentations
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ancient Greece
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ancient Greek Mythology
Ancient Greek Mythology
Who were the Ancient Greeks?
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses
Ancient Greek Gods/Goddesses 1
Ancient Greek Gods/Goddesses 2
Ancient Greek Gods/ Goddesses 3
The Olympians Gods/Goddesses
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ancient Greek Olympics
The Ancient Greek Olympics
The Games They Played
Close this folder.Close this folder.Medieval Times
Information on all topics
Castle Game
Mr. Donn- Everything about the Medieval Times
Medieval Times
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Morgester
Close this folder.Close this folder.Science
Owl Pellet
QUIA- Cause and Effect
weather proverbs
fact monster/weather
Weather lore
Brainpop- Newton's Laws of Motion
Brainpop- Isaac Newton
neoK12- Simple Machines
Mars for Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Reading
Jewish Virtual Library
The Holocaust
Rescue of the Danish Jews
Close this folder.Close this folder.Math
Math CMT Practice Test
CMT Practice
CMT prep
Math CMT Review for Grade 6
Sixth-grade math standards
Integer Game
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Colson
Kids Do Ecology
Owl Pellets
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mr. Boyd
Close this folder.Close this folder.Current Events
Current Events
Social Studies for Kids
Time for Kids
Discovery Kids
National Geographic
National Geographic Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Goodwin
Great Bridge Building Game
Create a DNA Fingerprint
Fossil Tour
Food Web
Kinetic City
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ms. Gorton
Close this folder.Close this folder.Career Research Project
Bureau of Labor Statistics k12
Bureau of Labor Statistics- Occupational Outlook Handbo...
Career One Stop
College Grad
Figurative Language
Do you know your metaphors ?
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ms. Rhodes
Close this folder.Close this folder.Genetic Ethics Project
Close this folder.Close this folder.Cloning
Click and Clone
Cloning Fact Sheet
Close this folder.Close this folder.Designer Babies
Pros and Cons of Designer Babies
"Designer Babies" Ethical?
Designer Babies: A Right to Choose?
Close this folder.Close this folder.Gene Therapy
Gene Therapy
What is gene therapy?
Close this folder.Close this folder.Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically Modified Foods and Organisms
Transgenic Crops and Recombinant DNA Technology
Science Reference- Genetically modified organism
Close this folder.Close this folder.Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Information
Stem Cell Research- PBS
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mapping the Human Genome
The Human Genome Project Information
Ethical Issues of the Human Genome Project
The Human Genome Project: A Scientific and Ethical Over...
Close this folder.Close this folder.Citing Sources MLA Style
EHMS PowerPoint Presentation on Citing Sources
EHMS Works Cited Worksheet
Alien Earths
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Auletta
Odyssey Online
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Cianciulli
Endangered Species Which Need Our Help In 2012
WWF Protecting Wildlife
11 Facts About Endangered Species
Electronic Fact Sheets on Over 50 Species
Ptortection of Endangered Species
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mr. Smith's Black History Month Project
The History of Black History
Harriet Tubman
W. E. B. Du Bois
Barack Obama
Martin Luther King Jr.
Malcolm X
Rosa Parks
Langston Hughes
Ray Charles
B. B. King
Aretha Franklin
Marvin Gaye
Oprah Winfrey
Muhammad Ali
Michael Jordan
Arthur Ashe
Close this folder.Close this folder.Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Club Activities
Official Site for Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books and Movie
Wimpy Kid Cheese Touch Chase Game
Create Your Own Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cartoon
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Red Book Trivia Game
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mrs. Perkins Mini- Museum Project
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese New Year
What is Chinese New Year?
Chinese New Year
Traditional Celebration of the Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year: 2011
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese architecture
The Chinese Architecture
Chinese architecture 1
Chinese architecture 2
Modern Chinese Architecture
Archive for the Ancient Chinese Architecture
Styles of Ancient Chinese Architecture
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Food
Chinese Food: History, Popularity, Healthy
Facts about Chinese food
Chinese Food 1
Chinese Food 2
Chinese Foods & Cuisines
Traditional foods for Chinese holidays and celebrations
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Clothes or Fashion
Chinese Traditional Clothing
Ancient China Clothing
Ancient Chinese clothing
Archive for the China's Traditional Clothing
Close this folder.Close this folder.Great Wall
Picture Gallery
Great Wall History
A Sketchy View of the Great Wall - Why Great?
Origin of the Great Wall
The Wall of the Yan State
The Wall of the Zhao State
The Wall of the Qi State
The Wall of the Wei State
The Wall of the Chu State
The Wall of the Qin State
The Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Dynasty
History of China 1
History of China 2
The Ancient Dynasties
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Painting
History of Chinese Painting
Chinese Brush Painting
Chinese Peasant Painting
Ancient Chinese Art
Chinese Landscape Painting
Close this folder.Close this folder.Calligraphy
What is calligraphy?
Chinese Calligraphy
Famous Chinese Calligraphers
History of Chinese Calligraphy 1
History of Chinese Calligraphy 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Gong Fu (Chinese Martial Arts)
A History and Style Guide of Kung Fu
A Brief History of Chinese Martial Arts
Kung Fu The History
History of Kung-Fu
Kung Fu and Chinese Martial Arts
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
What is Chinese Medicine?
History of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine Definition
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mao
Mao Zedong
Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-Tung)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Tian an Men Massacre
Tiananmen Square Massacre
The Tiananmen Square Massacre, 1989
Student Demonstrations in Tiananmen Square
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Women
Women in China
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Wedding
Chinese Wedding Traditions - Marriage Customs
Chinese Wedding Customs & Rituals
Chinese Wedding Dress
Chinese Wedding Traditions
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Children
One-Child Policy in China
Children and young people in China
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Emperor
Some Facts about Emperors of China
Chinese Emperor
The First Emperor
Portraits of Chinese Emperors
Close this folder.Close this folder.Terra-cotta warriors
History of Terracotta Warriors
Top 10 Interesting Facts About the Terracotta Warriors
Who Made The Terracotta Warriors In China?
Terracotta Warriors of Xian
Close this folder.Close this folder.The Silk Road
History of Silk Road
Fascinating History
The Silk Road
Early History of the Silk Road
Close this folder.Close this folder.Foot Binding
Foot Binding in China
Chinese Foot Binding
Bound Feet
Foot Binding
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Money
Chinese Currency RMB (Chinese Money)
Chinese Money
Chinese Currency
History of Chinese Invention - The Invention of Paper M...
China currency: Trade, Revaluation, Exchange Rate
Close this folder.Close this folder.Story Character(s)
Stories of Characters
Chinese Characters
Close this folder.Close this folder.Giant Panda
Giant Panda Facts
Giant Panda
Panda Facts
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Calendar and Zodiac
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese calendar
The Chinese calendar
Back to Facts of the Day Calendar 2010
Close this folder.Close this folder.Made in China
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Music
Origins and Characteristics
Chinese Music
Development of Chinese Music
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Tea
Tea History
Chinese Tea Tutorial
Chinese Tea Drinking
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Board game
Traditional Games
Ancient Chinese Games
Board games history: the Chinese game of Mahjong
Close this folder.Close this folder.Culture Revolution
The Cultural Revolution
The Cultural Revolution History 1
The Cultural Revolution History 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ms. Perkins Chinese Name Project
Chinese Names
Chinese Names
Close this folder.Close this folder.Ms. Nicholson's art project
Chuck Close 1
Chuck Close 2
Chuck Close 3
Close this folder.Close this folder.Games/ Activities
Mr. Nussbaum's Educational Games
Cool Math
Great Bridge Building Game
Smart- Kit Puzzle Playground
Middle Sschool Math Games
Free Rice
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