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Close this folder.Close this folder.Valentines Day
Valentines Day Counting
Valentine Hunt
Educational Games
Valentine typing
Word Search
cool math V puzzles
coolmath hearts
Valentine Math
Crossword Puzzle
black dog valentine
a kids heart
primary games
games of the week abaya
kids page games
Valentine activities
Coding candy
Coding Spread the Love
Coding Valentine Message
Mouse Skills
*Kinder Typing
*Jump Key Typing
*Typing program
*Fun to type games
Make your own story sequence
word sequencing
frog addition
Build a Train +/-
Count Groups of 10
Count your Chickens with Curious George
Sammy's Shapes
Cool Math
Sorting fuzz bugs
Kid's Games Boredom Buster
Nearpod (Common Sense Media)
Browning 3rd
Close this folder.Close this folder.HOC classes (Code Lessons with teacher)
2024 7th
2025 6th
2026 5th
2027 4th
2028 3rd
2029 2nd
2030 1st
Digital Skills
Close this folder.Close this folder.MULTIPLICATION
Multiplication Games
Multiplication Quick
Times Tables
Math is Fun Multipliction
Multiplication Weebly
Multiplication Fact Monster
Math Man
Multiplication playground
Marble simulator
Mrs. Foust MC Sway
Tagxedo (shaped wordle)
Picasso Head
Panoramic 7 wonders of the world
Cube Creator
This Week
Search Infobits
World Book
Kid search engine
Kid Click Search
Close this folder.Close this folder.Keyboarding
Nitro Type
Close this folder.Close this folder.K-2
This site is more for teachers but has many online stor...
Animal Videos
Animal Safari
pbs games
k build literacy
K games
Close this folder.Close this folder.Nursery Rhymes
Starfall Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Rhymes
World Book Nursery Rhymes
Enchanted Learning Nursery Rhymes
brain pop jr rhymes
1st Grade Blog
BP Blogs
Close this folder.Close this folder.3rd
Constitution Game
topiary garden virtual tour
Earth, Sun and Moon
Postcards from Buster - See Busterís adventures from va...
Close this folder.Close this folder.animal kingdoms
Animal kingdom info w/sites too
inv. worms
inv. oysters(mollusks)
inv. porifera
Florida reef inv. photos
invertibrates ench.learn
Animal Info.
African American History Month
Close this folder.Close this folder.4th
* Songs for Kids - Grammar songs for students in Grades...
Native American Tribes of Michigan
Fact Monster Native American Tribes
Native American Housing
What is Matter?
Close this folder.Close this folder.5th
The World's Biomes
Biomes of the World
What's it like where you live, biomes.
Close this folder.Close this folder.Explorers
explorers hotlist
hall of explorers
Cortes, Pizarro, de Vaca, Orellana
exploreres, enchanted learning
Social Studies Games - Vocabulary from U.S. government....
for Advanced Beginners in Grades 3-5
Close this folder.Close this folder.6th
Career view survey
Find Your Future
ucs focus on your future
Career Quiz
Career Personality Quiz
Career outlook handbook
Career Info. from Bureau of Labor
College search by career
College search Princeton Review
College search
Close this folder.Close this folder.Budget
Average house cost Sterling Heights MI
Hands on Banking
Living on a Budget
Close this folder.Close this folder.canada
Canadian Attractions
maps to color
info please
canada facts
library canada facts
facts from canadian government
cia factbook
facts on different territories and provinces
Canadian Songquest
Close this folder.Close this folder.Holidays
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fire Safety
brain pop fire safety
What should Firefighter Fran wear?
Sparky the Dog
Scholastic Firefighters
What is safe to touch?
Close this folder.Close this folder.Halloween
Carve a pumpkin and light
cool math catch the candy
Cool math Teddys and Monsters
Fill in the blanks and read your story
Alphasoup Games
Fun in the Pumpkin Patch
Math fun
More halloween songs
Halloween web paws
Halloween primary games
pbs halloween
*Halloween History
*Brainpopjr Halloween
The Raven Explained
The Raven-Poe
Coding Monster High
Halloween Code
Coding Trick or Treat Tombs beginner
Code special
Coding Make a Lantern intermediate skills
Close this folder.Close this folder.Thanksgiving
Animated Thanksgiving
Turkey dress up game
Turkey Swap
Thanksgiving row swap
Thanksgiving dinner bounce
Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt
Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles
Puzzle differences aft
Animated Puzzles aft
First Thanksgiving Scholastic
Word Searches Tic Tac Toe etc
Word Search aft
Play and Learn Puzzles
thanks challenge abaya
Tic Tac Toe, Simon says, matching
Talk like a pilgrim
Macy's Parade
Mayflower history
You are the historian
Mayflower Compact
History aft
Thanksgiving Fact of Fiction
Close this folder.Close this folder.Christmas
Ten Little Snowmen
Christmas Counting Money
Elves Game Chest
31 Free Christmas Activities
Christmas Activities
Christmas Sites
Dress Elves
Decorate Gingerbread House
Merry Christmas
Primary Games
Christmas Lights Math
Cool Math Sugar Sugar
Santa Claus site
North Pole Activites
Kids Heart on-line games
Elf on the Shelf
Christmas Stories
Christmas Links
Christmas Around the World
Cool Math
MathNook Games
Holiday Math Playground
Christmas Math Pacman
Christmas Multiplication
Holiday Multiplication
Christmas Multiplication
Multiplication Reindeer Cafe
Close this folder.Close this folder.Groundhog Day
starfall groundhog
groundhog news
Goundhog coloring pages
Color Groundhog
color groundhog being held
groundhog drag and drop puzzle
GroundHog site
GroundHog Article
GroundHog photos
Shadow Report
Groundhog math puzzle
Close this folder.Close this folder.Dr. Seuss
**Brainpop Dr Seuss
*Cat in the Hat Games
on line activites apples for teacher
Dr. Seuss Games sparkle
**Dr Seuss info Suessville
**Dr Seuss Worldbook
St Patricks Day
Close this folder.Close this folder.Spring
Easter puzzles
Easter games, tic tac etc
Billy Bear Activities
Easter Activities a kids heart
Easter Egg Hunt soft school
Close this folder.Close this folder.Earth Day
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Brainpop
Ollies World
Recycle City
PBS eekoworld
EPA games, quiz
star fall earth day
Michael Recycle
Close this folder.Close this folder.Science
Close this folder.Close this folder.Magnets
How electromagnets work
magnets and springs
I'm attracted to magnets.
magnet domain
Make an electric motor
mag lab explains ipods etc
Magnets & Springs, Sci kids
Pushes and Pulls Brainpop
push & pull activity
Make a flake site
Rocks and Minerals
Funology Science
Close this folder.Close this folder.Animals
Animal Encyclopedia
Close this folder.Close this folder.Birds
Zoom Birds
bird watching
Bird Calls
Close this folder.Close this folder.Polar Animals
Beluga Whale
polar bear
artic hare
Yahoo kids animals
Switcheroo zoo
Nat Geo Animals
younger nat geo animals
Brainpop Animal Classification
Close this folder.Close this folder.Solar Energy
Solar Kids info
Alliant Energy kids info
Energy Kids Puzzles
Nutrition Expedition Activities
Recycle City
ParkWorld, energy, force and motion
electricity lessons
Solid Liquid Gas
Close this folder.Close this folder.Weather
Close this folder.Close this folder.Extreme Weather
pictures of natural disasters
Teachers Domain QT Natural Disaster
PBS Savage Earth
USGS Natural Hazards
Google Earth Natural Disasters
*Natural Geographic Disasters
*The disaster site FEMA
Great start graphical & interesting
Info and images from recent storms
NASA Natural Hazards site
Close this folder.Close this folder.Extreme Weather Preparation
kids site discusses how to be prepared for disasters
suggestions for surviving disasters
Close this folder.Close this folder.Avalanches
clips that show the power of avalanches
*FEMA winter storms
Close this folder.Close this folder.Earthquakes
activities and links to earthquake information
*FEMA earthquakes
earthquake site
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fire Events
factual wildfire info
*FEMA wildfires
Close this folder.Close this folder.Floods
*FEMA floods
fatal flood
nova flood site
Close this folder.Close this folder.Hurricanes
hurricane names
*FEMA hurricane
good background info hurricanes
basic hurricane site
Close this folder.Close this folder.Sinkholes
What causes a sinkhole
Close this folder.Close this folder.Tsunamis
tsunami site
*FEMA tsunami
tsunami site
tsunami site
simple site about tsunami's
Close this folder.Close this folder.Tornados
the story of a tornado and how it gets its power
*FEMA toranado
tornado chaser
tornado project on line
basic scientific background about tornados
Close this folder.Close this folder.Volcanoes
Natural Hazards Hawaii
*FEMA volcano
nova volcano site
nova deadly shadow of vesuvius
volcanos, floods, tsunami, and avalanches
Snowflake Bentley
Google Earth
Close this folder.Close this folder.Election
Democracy project
Bens Guide to Government
Election Web Sites
Candidate Matching
Time for Kids
Close this folder.Close this folder.Astronomy
Myths Starfall
Greek myths for kids
Write myth with brainstorm machine
enchanted learning constellations
Find Constellations
Ancient Greek gods
Ancient Greek Games
Google Sky Constellations
Star Finder
Close this folder.Close this folder.Multiple Subject
Colgate games
Professor Garfield
Games site Sheppard Software
Close this folder.Close this folder.On-line Magazines/Reference
Brainpop Jr.
Study Island
chatting & activities
Canadian Science Magazine
Smithsonian magazine
Crayola magazine
Family Corner
Footsteps African Heritage magazine
Archeology for Kids
Hopscotch, Quest, Fun for Kids
Sports Illustrated Kids
techy magazine
mag by young authors and artists
U.S. History for kids
Weekly Reader online
Close this folder.Close this folder.Language Arts
Close this folder.Close this folder.Read, Write, Think
Read, Write What's in the bag?
Read, Write Think Picture Match
Read, Write, Think Construct a Word
Read, Write, Think Alpha Org.
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fables
Aesop fables on line
Myth Arts on line
Aesop activities
Close this folder.Close this folder.Grammar, Puctuation
Grammar, Punctuation Shepherd
Punctuation Paintball
Maggies Grammar Adventures
Noun Dunk
Paint by Idioms
Game Goo
Grammar Games for grades 1-5
Homophone game - Match homophones in this concentration...
* Grammar Gorillas for Advanced Beginners in Grades 3-5
Power Proofreading
Many grammar games
Grammar Bytes
Character Trading Cards
Letter Generator
Summer magazine
Screen Actors Guild Actors Reading
Make a Cartoon
abc ya educational games
Learning Planet, abc order
Make Beliefs Comix
Scholastic Nina loves to name things
Clifford Interactive Story
kol jr kids on line jr
Between the lions
Books that you can download and print.
fractured fairy tales
on line books
Diamente Poem
Close this folder.Close this folder.Compound Words
Wild Word Round Up
Compound Games
compound word games
Interactive Resources
Robert Munsch Books
Early Childhood Language Arts
bbc sound sorts
pbskids arthur
kids on line phonics
abc and reading site
abc by bembo
Activities Red Fish
A terrific site with stories read by actors from the Sc...
For readers in Grades 1-2.
This site has many stories for Pre-K-2 students.
Reading instruction and reading games for students in P...
Reading Activities
Fairytale Powerpoint
Close this folder.Close this folder.Math
Create a Graph
Close this folder.Close this folder.Money
abcya money
abcya money bingo
Many couting money games
Adding money sheppard sw
Pocket Change
Money sites
Allows to add or subtract
Logic Games
Math Playground
amusement park of math
math 1,2&3 online
Math Fact Practice
kidport 3rd grade math
Splat Square
Counting game
Counting Game
space maze and frog jump
Math games and resources
Test the Toad
math thrill
Math Site
Math Middle School
multiplication fact challenge
Upper El. Interactive Math Sight
Virtual Manipulatives from National Library
Coin machine game 1st
nces math site
Multiplication self correcting
How Does My Pattern Grow?
Multiplication Crossword Puzzles
Protractor Practice
Area and Perimeter Funbrain
Close this folder.Close this folder.Time
1st Time to the Hour
2nd Time to the Minute
AM and PM Time
Analog Clocks
Clock Shoot
On Time
Clock practice
Time Conversion
Magic Squares
Magic Squares
Magic Squares Math Play
Magic Squares soft schools
Magic Squares Math is Fun
Close this folder.Close this folder.Social Studies
Brain pop
Electoral College
Lemonade Stand
Close this folder.Close this folder.Lighthouses
Lighthouse Map
Lighthouse pics
Close this folder.Close this folder.Constitution Day
U.S. Government
constitution games
White House for Kids find your President and Vice Presi...
Sterling Heights Senators and Congressmen
Supreme Court Chief Justice and Justices
Interactive Constitution
Guide to Election
interactive explanation
Constitution Explained
Scavenger Hunt
justice at work
This is kind of cool, helps kids (and adults) understan...
Kids can take this quiz to test their knowledge
Interactive game for kids to find missing parts of the ...
join the signers
Make your case
American Documents
Bill of Rights Institute
Celebrate Ratification of the Constiution
Articles Explained
One Minute History
Close this folder.Close this folder.Columbus Day
enchanted learning columbus
Christopher Columbus
cia world factbook
geography lesson planner
Where latitiude and longitude meet
Landforms Illustrated Enchanted Learning
map points of confluence
7 wonders of world pan.
Close this folder.Close this folder.Geography
1/2 U.S.A. Map Game
1/2 U.S.A. Geography Game
1/2 Geography
1/2 Place the State
Geo games puzzles quizzes trivia
Geography Games
Test your geography knowledge
National Geographic for Kids
Kids Geo Quiz
GeoBee Training Quiz
maps to color
Virtual Pilot
Place Spotting
Map Skills
Geography kids games
Find the Capitals Latitude and Longitude
Cardinal Directions
Close this folder.Close this folder.Michigan
State Site symbols etc.
Michigan Games
Michigan State Symbols
Bio Cube
mi glogster
Health and Safety
Close this folder.Close this folder.Technology
Close this folder.Close this folder.***HOC (Hour of Code December)***
HOC k-2
HOC Dance Party, Minecraft, Star Wars etc (Code.org)
Tynker HOC All Minecraft, Hot Wheels, Monster High
(new) botlogic
Tynker H of C K-2
Tynker Hof Code grades 3-5
Minecraft Designer
Animate Name (Scratch)
Angry Birds
Frozen Coding
Code Monkey
(new) Coding Video
HOC video
Libraries Ready to Code
Common Sense Media
i fake text maker
siri converstation
microsoft clipart
Close this folder.Close this folder.Research
Close this folder.Close this folder.Research
Learn the Net master the basics
Learn the Net surf the web
Learn the Net how search engines work
Learn the Net find info
Learn the Net fact or fiction
Four NETS for better searching
Internet Search Tutorial
12/1 Evaluate and Validate Internet Info
Bare Bones tutorial on searching on the web
Basic Search Tips
webquests arranged by dewey dec.
Webquests by Blue Webn'
Webquests Bernie Dodge
Kids Research Homebase
Boolify Search Tool for kids
plagiarism game
Citation Game
Close this folder.Close this folder.Internet Safety
Rules for on-line safety
computer safety
internet games
Disney CyberNetiquette
Garfield Internet Safety
Internet safety
Close this folder.Close this folder.Hour of Code
HOC smile
HOC puppy
Hour of Code
Close this folder.Close this folder.Information Reliability
velcro crop
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Whale Watching Great Lakes
Close this folder.Close this folder.Search Engines
Ask Jeeves
Alta Vista
Big 6 decision making
Routers Adventure
Close this folder.Close this folder.Library Skills
ABC authors
Close this folder.Close this folder.1 & 2 Library
ABC order
Names in Order
Order in the Library
Books and more
Battleship parts of a book
Jeopardy Dewey Decimal
Call Number Order Game
Do you know the library quiz
Bug Dewey Game
Call Number Quiz
Book Quiz
Library Lingo
Dewey Quiz
abc order
fiction vs nonfiction
dig skills
Interland Kind Kingdom
coding for donors choose
An Unusual Discovery
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