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Close this folder.Close this folder.3D Stuff
3D Xtras
Art Station
DAZ Studio
Flux 3D Printer
iClone 7
Make Human (open source)
RocketBox Libraries (3D models)
Ruby Library Depot (Sketchup)
Shaderlight renderer
SketchUp Video on YouTube
Sketchup video tutorial
SketchUp video tutorials
The 11 Second Club
The SkechUp Show
Turbo Squid
Ultimaker seller
Close this folder.Close this folder.Art & Craft Suppliers
Amazing Mold Putty
Art Stuf
Compositherm (Reusable mold)
Envirotex Lite
Hot Wire Foam Factory
K&J Magnetics
Miniature Molds
Over Joyed (Adrain's recommendation)
Smooth-on (Mold making material)
Static Grass Gun
Tandy Leather
Wee Tee Tong
Close this folder.Close this folder.Art Stuff
Benjamin Giletti
Charlene Chua
Clyde Caldwell
Eric Hotz
Fantasy Art School
Gary Chalk
Hugh Pindur
Jason Scheier
Larry Elmore
Leo Hartas
Stephanie Law
Stephen Cartwright
Vlado Krizan
Xin Li (Richard)'s Flickr website
Yay Time
Yulia Brodskaya
Close this folder.Close this folder.Board Games
Board Game Geek
Boardgame Lifestyle
Chronicles of the Old World and Beyond
Dwarf Star Games
Rum & Bones Forum
Steve Jackson Games
Close this folder.Close this folder.Chinese Stuff
Chinese Dictionary
Chinese Horoscopes
The Trimetric Classic
Close this folder.Close this folder.Computer Games
Abandonware DOS
Abandonware Games
DOS Games.com
Free Game Empire
How to use DOSBox to run DOS games
IGN - Games cheats
Internet Arcade (DOS Games)
Mech Warrior Online
Museum of Computer Adventure Game History
Skooled Zone (Fallout 4 YouTube tutorials)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Design
Close this folder.Close this folder.Acrobat
Able To Extract
Free My PDF
PDF 995
PDF Unlock
Remove PDF password
Close this folder.Close this folder.After Effects Related
Video Co-pilot
Close this folder.Close this folder.Corel Painter
Corel Painter Learning Resources/Curriculum
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fonts
1001 Fonts
About Fonts
Da Font
Find Common Fonts
Flipping Typical (Testing Fonts)
Font Squirrel
Tips on type & colours
Type Finder
Close this folder.Close this folder.Great Designs
Special Clock
Close this folder.Close this folder.Illustrator Related
90 AI Tutorials
Adobe Illustrator Blog
Blend Tool Tutorial
Charlene Chua
Createsk8 Blog (Illustrator Freebies)
Illustrator Resources
Illustrator World
Murphy Pop
NDesign Studio
Skull Beauty Illustrator Tutorial
Vec Tips
Vector Lady
Video on how to create an illustration
Close this folder.Close this folder.InDesign related
InDesign New Features
InDesign Secrets
Close this folder.Close this folder.Open Source
GIMP (Image Editing)
InkScape (Vector Editing Program)
Krita (Drawing Software)
Scribus (Desktop Publishing)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Photoshop Related
Close this folder.Close this folder.Digital Painting
Sijun Forums
Close this folder.Close this folder.LightRoom
onOne Software - PhotoPresets for LightRoom
Cambridge in Colour.
Creative Suite Podcast
Dezignus (Free brushes & shapes)
Good Tutorials
Melissa Clifton (PS Blog)
North Light Images - About RAW
On1 Software
Optimising Photoshop
Photo Plugins
Photoshop Brushes
Photoshop Cafe
Photoshop Creative
Photoshop Daily (Freebies)
Photoshop DPF files
Photoshop Lab Tutorials
Photoshop Lady
Photoshop Online
Photoshop Short-cut Keys
Photoshop Support
Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials on Buttons creation
Photoshop TV past episodes
Photoshop User TV
Photoshop Water Effect Tutorials
Planet Photoshop
Postcard Viewer
PS Elements Techniques
PS for Photographers
Psd Tuts+
Raster Vector
Russell Brown
Seishido PS Brushes
Tutorial 9
Worth 1000
Close this folder.Close this folder.Premiere Related
Reevio (Video Templates)
Video Hive (Video Templates)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Printing
Creative business cards techniques & preparation
Close this folder.Close this folder.Stock Photos
*Free Images
*Pic Jumbo
*Stockphotos For Free
Canon Digital Photo Gallery
Free Pik
Free Range Stock
Image After
List of free stock photos #1
List of free stock photos #2
Morgue File
Scott Kelby's Classic Effects
Scott Kelby's PSCS2 for DP
Shutter Stock
Sock Footage for Free
SPH PhotoBank
Vector Jungle
Close this folder.Close this folder.Textures
Bitt Box
CG Textures
DigArts Software
Free Texture Site.com
List of Textures sites
Lost and Taken
Mayang Textures
Texture Library
Texture Warehouse
99 Designs (Freelance Designers)
Adobe - Complete Reference Guides & eBook Manuals for A...
Adobe - Saving Files Across Different Versions
Adobe Video Tutorials
All Free Download
Audio Micro
Before & After Magazine
Being Creative
Card View (Namecard Designs)
Computer Graphics Society
Computer Arts
Creative Mac
Gradient Generator
Graphic Design Free Resources
Graphics Illustrations
Graphics Xtras
Icon Finder
Interactive Colour Wheel
Kirupa (Design tutorials)
Layers Magazine
Mirage Studio 7
Namecard designs
Nice Gradients
Printing & Paper Glossary
Signature 995
Stock Layouts
Telegraphics: Plug-ins
The Gnomon Workshop
Wacom Asian Community
Yabb Adobe Doo
Close this folder.Close this folder.eBooks
4 Shared
Free PDF Files
Kupdf (Free eBooks)
The Eye - National Geographic eMagazines
The Eye - RPG eBooks
The Eye - Warhammer Fantasy & 40K eBooks
The Trove
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fantasy Stuff
Close this folder.Close this folder.3D Print Terrains
Arian Croft Free 3D miniatures print files
Epic Dungeon Tiles
Game Decor (3D STL files for Hero Quest figures & D&D)
Hero's Hoard
Printable Scenery
Close this folder.Close this folder._Accounts
Bundle of Holding Login
Close this folder.Close this folder.Accessories
Dark Elf Dice
Dispel Dice
Golden Dice
The Dice Shop
Wyrm Wood Gaming
Close this folder.Close this folder.AD&D
Adventure Lookup
Dragons Foot
Close this folder.Close this folder.Advance HeroQuest
Adv HeroQuest FAQ
Greywolf's Adv HeroQuest Page
Close this folder.Close this folder.Blog
A Rust Monster Ate My Sword
Paths Peculiar
Stocking The Dungeon
Sword and Shield
The Other Side
Close this folder.Close this folder.Dragon Warriors
Dragon Warriors Forum
Dragon Warriors Wiki Foundry
The Cobwebbed Forest
The Great Library of Hiabuor
The Great Library of Hiabuor Forum
Close this folder.Close this folder.Dungeons & Dragons
Close this folder.Close this folder.D&D Fonts
D&D Font
D&D Fonts
Fantasy Fonts
A compilation of D&D products
An Index to Mystara Products
Atlas of Mystara
Bruce Heard Blog
Castle Blackmoor - Dave Arneson
Classic Campaigns
Climate in Alphatia
D&D Cartoon Figurines
Fantasys widow - the fight over the legacy of D&D
How Gary lost TSR
Iron Studio
List of old D&D PC games
Mystara - D&D Fantasy Role setting
Mystara BECMI NPC Generator
Mystara Collector's Guide
Origin of Mystara
Quagmire! The Making of a 1980's D&D Module
Random Dungeon Generator & more
The Acaeum
The Blackmoor Archives
The Piazza
The Winds of Brun
Threshold - The Mystara Magazine
Tome of Treasures
Vaults of Pandius
Close this folder.Close this folder.Frostgrave
List of Frostgrave Products
The Renaissance Troll
Close this folder.Close this folder.Hero Quest
A co-operation site for Hero Quest
DarthTom's Gaming
Hero Scribe
Heroquest Forum (Italy)
HeroQuest Ye Olde Inn
HeroQuest Ye Olde Inn Forum
HeroQuest: Revised Edition
Close this folder.Close this folder.How to draw maps
Azgaar Fantasy Map Generator
Fantastic Maps
Medieval Fantasy City Generator
Roll for Fantasy
Close this folder.Close this folder.Mighty Empires
Mighty Empires: Sentinel Edition
Close this folder.Close this folder.Talisman
Talisman Island
2 Minute Tabletop
2 Minute Tabletop Token Editor
Action Figure Comics
Basic Fantasy RPG
Bits of War
Campaign Cartographer
Campaign Coins
D100 Dungeon
Different types of Graph Papers
Don Jon (DM resources)
Draw Lab
Dungeon Crafter 3
Dungeons of Olde
Dyson's Dodecahedron
EN World
Experience Point
Fantasy Name Generators
Frugal GM
Greywolf Critter Net
Mike Schley
Mordheim resource files
One Page Dungeon Generator
Roll 20
Shop on the Borderlands
Skeleton Key Games (Magic Scrolls)
Slow Quest
Syrinscape (Sounds Creator)
Tabletop Audio (Sounds Creator)
Wizards of the Coast
Close this folder.Close this folder.Flash Websites
Close this folder.Close this folder.Flash Games
Hot Dog Bush
Mini Clip
Racing Squirrels
River Game
The Ice Cream Parlour 2
Close this folder.Close this folder.Showcase
Chantique Bridal
Koh Kai Shian's website
Leo Burnett
Sand Berg
Scale of the Universe 1
Scale of the Universe 2
Tokyo Plastic
ActionScript Org
Additional Flash Components
Cartoon Smart
Creating iOS apps using Adobe Flash Professional CS6
Effective UI
Flash Develop (Open Source Flash editor)
Flash Glitter Text Maker
Flash Kit (Flash tutorials)
Flash Mint
Flash MO
Flash Page Flip
Flash Perfection
Flash Release
Flint Particles (Flash special effects AS codes)
Goto And Learn
ISO 50
Jumpeye Components (Flash components)
MegaZine 3 PageFlip
Mr Doob
Simple Flash Game Tutorial
Template Monster
The Asylum
The Favourite Website Awards
The Flash Blog
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fun stuff
Peanutize Me
Close this folder.Close this folder.Game Books
Close this folder.Close this folder.Lone Wolf
Desert Lynx's Oasis
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Original Soundtrack
Project Aon
Seventh Sense
The Kai Monastery
Tower of the Sun
Abandonia (Gamebooks)
Annarchive - Fighting Fantasy PDFs
Arion Games
Demian's Gamebook
Destiny Quest
Fabled Lands
Fighting Fantasy
Fighting Fantasy Collector
Fighting Fantasy PDF Downloads
Fighting Fantasy Project
Gamebook News
Home of the Underdogs
Mega - Fighting Fantasy eBooks Downloads
Megara Entertainment
Spark Furnace
Titannica Fighting Fantasy Wiki
Trizbort - Interactive Fiction Mapper
Woven Paths Gamebooks
Close this folder.Close this folder.Heritage
Civic Life - Tiong Bahru
Flickr Snap SG
Kent Neo's Website
RAF Changi Association
Singapore Heritage Trails
Singapore in the 60s
The Long Winding Road
Victor Koo
Close this folder.Close this folder.Laser Cutters
Glow Forge
Lions Forge
Close this folder.Close this folder.Lego
Battle of Helm's Deep
Brothers Brick
Lego Education
Toy Brick Station
Close this folder.Close this folder.Modeling
Close this folder.Close this folder.Commercial Websites
Close this folder.Close this folder.Games Workshop
Games Workshop Australia
Games Workshop Canada
Games Workshop UK
Games Workshop US
Warhammer Skirmish
(Hirst Arts) Lady Sabelle Designs
4 Bot Industries
Adam Ssalacious Rib *
Agora Miniatures
Alien Lab
Alternative Armies
Antediluvian Miniatures
Antenociti's Workshop
Arcane Scenery & Models
Armor Cast
Atlantis Miniatures
Bar Mills Models
Bears Head Minis
Berliner Zinnfiguren
Black Tree Design
Bombshell Minis
Brother Vinni *
Castle Kits
Chronos Miniatures
Company B - Custom Decal
Copplestone Castings
Crocodile Games
Dark Art Studios
Dark Fable Miniatures
Dark Sword Miniatures
Deepcut Studio (Gaming Mat)
Diorama Presepe.com
Dragonlance Miniatures
DragonRune Miniatures
Dungeon Lair
eBob Miniatures
Ekia Hobbies *
elGen Miniatures
Elviejo Dragon *
Fantasy Minis
Female Models in Scale
Fire Dragon Games
Fireforge Games
First Legion
Fortress Figures
Foundations of War
Free Booter Miniatures
GameCraft Miniatures
Garage Kits
Griffon Co
Hassle Free Miniatures
Heresy Miniatures
Hirst Arts
Hobby Bounties
Hobby Zone
Ironwind Metals
Kabuki Studio
Knightmare Miniatures
Knights of Dice
Kobble Stone
Legion Miniatures
Life Miniatures
Manufaktura *
Midlam Miniatures
Mini Monsters
Miniature Figurines (Lone Wolf Minis)
Miniature Tree
Mirliton Fantasy
Mithril Miniatures
Morland Studios
North Star Figures
Northumbrian Tin Soldier
Otherworld Miniatures
Paradigm Infinitum
Pardulon Resin Models & Terrain
Pedro Fernandez Works
Pegaso World
Ral Partha Legacy
Rebel Minis (Lone Wolf Minis)
Red Box Games
Ristuls Market
Scibor Miniatures
Sol Model *
Statuesque Miniatures
Steve Barber Models
Tabletop Terraformers
Tabletop World
The War Store
Tiny Furniture
Tomb Guardians
Turnkey Miniatures
V&V Miniatures
Valkiria Miniatures
Warlord Games
Watchful I Studio
Westfalia Miniatures
Zealot Miniatures
Close this folder.Close this folder.Hobbists' Websites
Abaroth's World
Blackmoor Miniatures
Cool Mini Or Not
Dragon Miniatures
Dungeon Crawlers
Erick's Models
Fantasy Gelaende Modelle
Gidian Gelaende
Greywolf Critter
James Wappel Miniature Painting
Model Photography
Net Terrain
Ryan Skow's models
Shifting Lands
The Gizmologist's Lair
The Last Alliance
The Otherworld Citadel AD&D Miniatures
Vampifan's World of the Undead
Victoria Lamb
War Terrain
Close this folder.Close this folder.Painting
2 Paint Miniatures
Allanah Greyloft
Belmini Art (Painting Service)
Bird with a Brush
Hot Lead Miniature Painting
Jenova Painting
Paint Range Compatibility Chart
Painting Black
Painting Clinic
Painting Fire
Painting Skintones
RathCore (Miniature Grip)
Amazing Diorama
Articles on modeling
Miniature Wargaming
Putty and Paint
Railway Modellers
Scale Model.Net
The Stuff of Legends
Close this folder.Close this folder.Movies
IK 88 TV
Close this folder.Close this folder.Music
Baidu MP3
Free Music Archive
Free Public Domain
Incompetech (Free Music)
YouTube Studio
Close this folder.Close this folder.Online Stores
Book Depository
Red Bubble
Society 6
Close this folder.Close this folder.Others
Augmented Reality
Becoming Human
Genuine Ideas
Scale of Universe
Sci Toys
The Deep Sea
Close this folder.Close this folder.Outdoor
Team Seagrass
Wild happenings in Singapore
Close this folder.Close this folder.Paper Craft
Close this folder.Close this folder.Blog
Extreme Cards
Folding Trees
Paper Craft Paradise
Paper Crafty
Paper Forest (Blog)
Paper Kraft
Papercraft World (blog)
Rag and Bone blog
Workshop Notes (Blog)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Cutting machine & stuff
Craft Edge software
Make-the-cut software
Silhouette School
Close this folder.Close this folder.Fantasy Theme
Brave Adventures
Brumbaer's Homepage
Daves Games
Fantasy Cutouts
Fantasy Paper Miniature Models
Fat Dragon Games
Lord Zsezse Works
Mystic Mountain
Papercraft Dungeon
World Works Games
Close this folder.Close this folder.Paper Artists
Bert Simons
Bovey Lee
Daniel MAR
Guy Laramee
Helen Musselwhite
Jeff Rudell (Paper Crafter)
Johan Scherft
Paper Dandy
Pattern Matters
PeopleToo (Russian)
Peter Callesen
Peter Dahmen Links
Roadside Projects
Robert Sabuda (Pop-up Cards)
Su Blackwell
Terada Mokei
Yee's Job (Paper Artist)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Pop-up Books
Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn
List of pop-up books
Popup Books
Close this folder.Close this folder.Pop-up Cards
Peter Dahmen pop up links
Easy Cut Pop-up
Loka Made
Pop-up Cards
Wikihow Pop-Up-Cards
3D Paper (Korean)
3D Paper Model (Taiwan)
Airport Designs
Aliens PaperCraft
Automata - Dug North
Battletech Papercraft
Box Punx
Brother Creative Centre
Build your own Chicago
Bumble Bee Transformer
Canon 3D Papercraft
Card Bawdy
Card FAQ
Card Models
Cera Cera
Clever Models
Cool Kreations
Craft Robo (Paper cutting machine)
D&D Map Folio 3-D
Desktop Gremlins
Die Kartonmodellbauer
Epson Nakajima Racing
Epson PaperCraft Mania
Final Fantasy Paper Models
Flying Pig
Genet Models (formerly Ebbles Miniatures)
Haunted Dimensions
Home Spun Magixx
HP Papercraft Project
Imprime Recorta Pega
Japan Animie Paper Models
Mech Warrior paper models
Monkey Design (Taiwan)
Oh-Sheet Links
One Monk (Paper Miniatures)
Origami Tessellations
Oversoul Games
Paper Dreams (Japanese Artist)
Paper Inside
Paper Kraft
Paper Magic (Korea)
Paper Mau
Paper Model (Japan)
Paper Model Directory
Paper Modelers Forum
Paper Models
Paper Museum (Japanese)
Paper Pino
Paper Replika
PaperCraft Art Creative
Papercraft Museum
Papercraft Square
Poland GPM Paper Models seller
RavensBlight Paper Toys
Roman Seas
Romanti Craft
Sasatoku (Japanese)
Sciencd Fiction Paper Models
SF Movie Paper Craft
Sheila's Papermodels
Star Wars Miniatures
Tanaka's paper model (F1)
The Disney Experience
The Toy Maker
Trouts (Paper Fish)
Warhammer 40K Space Marine Dreadnought
Waybe (Sketchup unfold plugin)
White Wash City
Wikipedia - Card Model
Yamaha Motor - Paper Models
Zealot (forum)
Close this folder.Close this folder.Personal
Integrated Land Info Service
Quick Draw
SG Government Paid Leave
Close this folder.Close this folder.Photography
Clark Little Photography
Club Snap
FAQ - HDR images for Photography
Julian W - Photographer
Martin Podt
Monogram Creative Console
Nature’s Best Magazine
Neat Image (Noise Reduction Plugin)
New York Institute of Photography - eZine
Outdoor Photographer
Outdoor Photos
Photo of the day contest
Photo Tuts +
Photography Monthly
Photos in Digital (Jothy John)
Photoshop Cafe tutorial on HDR
Pop Photo
Pro Photo Insights
Web Photo School
Close this folder.Close this folder.Photos Websites
Nice wallpaper photos
Sleeve Face
Close this folder.Close this folder.Pop up books
Robert Sabuda
Scribble Street
The Allegro Movable Book Collection
Close this folder.Close this folder.Programming
Close this folder.Close this folder.Singapore History
Access to Archives Online
Good Morning Yesterday
Singapore Collections Online
The Preservation of Monuments Board
Close this folder.Close this folder.Sketchup
10 Must Have Plug-ins for Sketchup
Google SketchUp For Dummies
Close this folder.Close this folder.Torrent
Close this folder.Close this folder.Training
Close this folder.Close this folder.Video Download
Close this folder.Close this folder.Web Design
Close this folder.Close this folder.Apache, PHP & MySQL
Wamp server
Close this folder.Close this folder.Apps Programming
Close this folder.Close this folder.Free Web Design Software
1st Page 2000
Close this folder.Close this folder.HTML5
Close this folder.Close this folder.Showcase
An article on responsive web design
Browsers support for HTML5
Can I use...
Dive Into HTML5
HTML 5 Free Games
HTML 5 Test
Html5 Please
Html5 Readiness
HTML5 Rocks
When Can I Use...
Close this folder.Close this folder.JavaScript
Dynamic Drive
Matt Kruse
Close this folder.Close this folder.Responsive Web Design
What is Responsive Web Design
Acid 3 Test for browsers
Adobe Browser Lab
BraveNet free fonts
Check Domain
Cool Homepages
CSS Tutorial
Dummy Text Generator
DW, PHP & MySQL video tutorial
Favicon creator
Feed The Bot (SEO)
Free Web Site Templates
HTML Code Tutorial
HTML Goodies
IE browser tester
Insert HTML
Joomla Extensions
Jot Form
Kirupa (Flash & HTML5)
Lay Mark Emoticons
Open Source CMS
Sebastian Sulinski (tutorials)
Simple Viewer by Air Tight Interactive
Stat Counter
Survey Monkey
The Best Designs
The HTML5 Robot
W3 Counter
W3 Schools
Web Creme
Web Design Blog (Free Web Resources)
Web Monkey
Close this folder.Close this folder.Work Related
Acadia Adobe CC Team Admin console
ACI Portal
Adobe Forums
Adobe Licening
Adobe Partner Connection Portal
Adobe Resources
Adobe Training Partner Portal
CIB Instructors' Notes
Jitsi Meet
Murf (Text to Voice Service Provider)
Pigeon Hole Live (Q&A, feedback)
Singapore Legal Advice
360 Cities
Bug Me Not
Buy & Sell used printer ink cartridges
David Laser Scanner
Maker Bot
Media Convert
My 669 SIR Unit Photos
NBDCS - The Book Council
Radio Garden
Radio Rivendell
Street Directory
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